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  • Xander Black 6 years ago

    how did you get the /give command in vanilla

  • Kelly Joinson 6 years ago

    How do you record?

  • Mustafa Motiwala 6 years ago

    how are you flying in mcpe SURVIVAL

  • William Martin 6 years ago

    This is more like dead bushes

  • max mcphie 6 years ago

    No no

  • David Magnusson 6 years ago


  • Romanko Jantak 6 years ago

    How do you made that server?

  • Zoe Grohovac 6 years ago

    Sow not real

  • Chintendo Wafflemon 6 years ago

    Cool commands actually work.

  • TheSmartestNoob 6 years ago

    It’s the best troll that i have ever seen 😀 it’s definitely fake but im
    not sure, HOW. I think he connected a server and one of his friends helped
    him. When he opened a window you can hear that sound but when he opened all
    of windows with a flower you cant hear any sound. I think he paused the
    video a couple time on recording. (Sorry for bad english)

  • patrick javier 6 years ago



  • Daniel Blackin 6 years ago


  • Julio Barrios 6 years ago

    Whatever I found out

  • gul ozer 6 years ago

    What’s the port

  • Jonathan Ryan Selvan 6 years ago

    How is he flying in survival

  • david orta 6 years ago


  • Steven Chau 6 years ago

    epic fake

  • Aaron Roberts 6 years ago


  • AlexCrafted 6 years ago

    Nice video dude

  • Yolanda Ni 6 years ago

    The are no dead bushes in minecraft pe. You can’t mine red stone. You can’t
    fly in survival mode. You can’t activate budder flowers.

  • Todd Reusch 6 years ago

    cool plug in

  • gigi wetzer 6 years ago

    Witch recorder do you have?

  • inc2000glw 6 years ago

    update block 3?

  • Chris Perez 6 years ago

    But other than that is was boss

  • amr kallas 6 years ago