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  • Sai's Afflicted 6 years ago

    Nice video and a well made resource pack. But how did you change the skin
    for the arrow entity? I use Nova Skin to edit skins and textures but they
    don’t have the arrow entity.

  • FortuneXCraft 6 years ago

    Rusty Ran For It cx

  • Ayan Van Kurdt 6 years ago

    is this for 1.7.2?

  • Capitan Esparcolz 6 years ago

    You suck

  • Troy Batye 6 years ago

    Wait.. What do you do once you release the zombies?

  • RebelWolf8U 6 years ago

    How’d you make the sounds?

  • Joseph Purce 6 years ago

    you should make other costumes for the other armours

  • HGGdragon 6 years ago

    a batman resource pack

  • beast gamer 6 years ago

    for 1.5.2 to?

  • Danilo Tešić 6 years ago

    Cool intro :D

  • Noah Hall 6 years ago

    cool job man

  • Marten kuusk kuusk 6 years ago

    daaaamnnn it worked sound worked either

  • Yannick Van der Laan 6 years ago

    can you add more textures on most of the other blocks like wood planks that
    it actually looks like western wood

  • jensonio 6 years ago

    the sound is still the same only the texture and the names changed :(

  • Pixelated_Pork 6 years ago


  • Dillo kid 6 years ago

    Grate video thanks I will try to download it as soon as possible

  • Jarren 6 years ago

    Make sure you select the resource pack in the minecraft resource pack menu!

  • thedsi100 6 years ago


  • thedsi100 6 years ago


  • thedsi100 6 years ago

    jarren how come i put it in the folder but the sound is normal

  • thedsi100 6 years ago

    i subed

  • thedsi100 6 years ago


  • MrCoolermonster 6 years ago

    good video but it would be better if they where longer

  • Martina Ban 6 years ago

    It aldo eorks for subscribe butten!

  • CowZUnitedAreUs Say Moo 6 years ago

    Hey Dood Guess What You Want A Sub? YOu GOt ONE