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  • TheFourthFactor 6 years ago

    I’m trying to change the pig to Normal, how the hell do I do it?

  • Waleed Abdelmeguid 6 years ago

    am i the only one who finds the pig really funny i am keeping it

  • Waleed Abdelmeguid 6 years ago

    its the creeper that bothers me but overall great resource pack

  • biowulf rulz 6 years ago


  • Jean-Sebastien Boucher 6 years ago

    Oh my god! that was so easy to install and the textures are perfects, now
    the game is wonderful. thx alot Monkeyfarm

  • RyoOfficial 6 years ago

    Thank you so much! it works!! you gotta like 😀

  • Jack Holdsworth 6 years ago

    thank you that help a lot :) it was confusing because im using windows 8

  • smileyburshears 6 years ago

    When will the new 3rd world lp bid be out?

  • george bakalov 6 years ago

    Go at your minecraft than it will say click here to get 1.6 and click on
    the link=here

  • chrisworld2 6 years ago

    That method made my font look exactly the way it was before this crap went

  • Ben Berger 6 years ago

    thankyou monkeyfarm u do not know how much u help me every episode of your
    survival has help me get better at minecraft

  • CodeWolf 6 years ago

    Sweet, I was definitely missing my Monkeyfarm laden pig since the update :)
    Thanks Monkey! BTW, what are you doing running around in the second
    world…no secrets!

  • Jonathan Abrego 6 years ago

    my minecraft doesn’t say resource pack but texture pack please help

  • This Guy! 6 years ago

    tis greentext. try on 4chan

  • GamingLlama 6 years ago

    its already out, just open the (new) luancher

  • CaptainHamster32 6 years ago

    That was the best outro I’ve EVER heard!!!

  • DagelijkseGamezOfso 6 years ago

    Or go to minecraft(dot)net

  • jowe leahy 6 years ago


  • Thai Ta 6 years ago

    i have a question if you buy a gift game card in stores do you get the card
    and put it into your account and you get minecraft? please reply

  • ninjaboyz333 6 years ago

    WTF is up with the pigs!!!!!!!??????? That really ruined this RP for me :(

  • Keithicus420 6 years ago

    1:32 Keep in mind, we can only see Minecraft. :p

  • FlorisFW 6 years ago

    Well your Anti-virus is right because sites like that sometimes have
    malicious ads or downloads. But most of the time not. I had an ad from
    adfly that installed malware on my computer via java. Luckily I managed
    remove it. In your case if you want to try one of those sites just press
    continue. Still if you want to be safer, I say “safer” instead of “safe”
    because there is no anti-virus that keeps you 100% safe, trust your
    anti-virus and don’t go to those sites.

  • SHOW0FF170 6 years ago

    download optifine and install

  • Andy Gibbins 6 years ago

    The zombies are the same

  • isaiah dowling 6 years ago

    first i was happy to see a john smith pack after mojang took my texture
    pack :( but then i saw the mobs where the same but i was like oh well then
    i saw the pigs and i deleted it