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  • TheWunderwaffeDg2 6 years ago

    I feel bad for everyone who has the xbox edition and not the pc aswell cos
    the pc is way farther ahead update-wise and all the xbox fans dont know
    half of this stuff and its soo old im not being a snob im just sayin GET DA

  • 1042Harley 6 years ago

    Most people don’t have 1000 dollars to get a decent PC.

  • TiniestCosine65 6 years ago

    Nice video, really sums it all up good!

  • Tyler Parker 6 years ago


  • jack clark 6 years ago

    how do i get the screen shots on xbox?

  • Liam Maloney 6 years ago


  • xT0MSx12 6 years ago

    Would be awesome if 4J gave us some surprises

  • NCProGamers 6 years ago

    harley i have a new series idea. So i know that a lot of ppl are trying to
    get their channel out there so maybe you could do a series where u choose
    channels and give them shoutouts. thnx much appreciated it would really
    help a lot of smaller utubers

  • MrLegendsofGaming 6 years ago

    Its ocelots not oxalots haha and its raw fish to tame the ocelots

  • Aaron Kermani 6 years ago

    i hate jungle biomes. i play on pc and when spawn a new world i always
    spawn in a jungle

  • Ben Davies 6 years ago

    The update is here plp

  • Elliott Squire 6 years ago

    Great video thanks man

  • tristan kelley 6 years ago

    Hit hasent started

  • bclionsrock11 6 years ago

    Congratulations you win 0 fucks

  • Zekuzo 6 years ago


  • DaDiamondMinerUnion 6 years ago

    Hey Harley, what do u use to make ur thumbnails??

  • Anthony grabau 6 years ago

    And textures packs

  • OMGBlizz 6 years ago

    First and sick vid always:D

  • Graeme Sargent 6 years ago

    Nice vid harley

  • Creancer 6 years ago

    You forgot the corner stairs

  • Dalton Langley 6 years ago

    When is it coming

  • winnner4life 6 years ago

    caint wait till it comes out getting my new xbox on friday

  • 1042Harley 6 years ago


  • kikiprin3303 6 years ago


  • Jake Janovec 6 years ago

    The item behind the diamond is railroads