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  • Bigbst4tz2 5 years ago

    I Hope you guys Enjoy! Leave a LIKE it really shows your support. Also be
    sure to check out the links in the Description!

  • Muhammad Junaid 5 years ago

    Hi If You Have A Xbox 360 Send Me A Friend Request. My Gamertag Is

  • Advanced Warfare 5 years ago

    The wither skull looks like Bonnie from Five Nights At Freddy’s

  • Bigbst4tz2 5 years ago
  • XCatWarrior X 5 years ago

    I know why ghasts are always crying! Aghast means sad or upset or depressed

  • Queen Elsa Of Arendelle 5 years ago

    dimond suit is so cool

  • GPthatsMEEEE 5 years ago

    Call me crazy…but recently the texture packs seem somewhat “girly” or
    “kiddish” am I alone? 

  • Jace Johnson 5 years ago

    Big B St4TZ Run!!!!!!!!!!!! The YoutubeNati is Here, Lead By PewdiePie,
    Rhett and Link, Markiplier, Stampy, and Vanoss, . . Those are just the
    leaders! Everyone with 2Million+ are in it!they are slowly picking off
    small youtubers that can over come them, Such As Rosscreations (Youtuber
    that got murdered). Just stay calm.

  • TheXander2004 5 years ago

    imagine if 4j textured skins (eg.squid cow villager enderman spider etc)

  • Grace Lu 5 years ago

    I like only emerald they are raesest in minecraft they are in the cave any
    pixe axe to use but be careful there is monster if you in surival

  • Aakash Nallari 5 years ago

    21st view lol

  • The budder Miner 5 years ago

    Tommy the pumpkins story…

    One day he moved to circledonia and he was left out on all the donut games
    so he came up with a magic spell to make the circles into donuts so he can
    eat the bullies… 

  • bahbahshamAJ 5 years ago

    What will be in update 24 cause Bigbst said its a big one and by big one
    does he mean bunnies lol

  • Cary Matthews 5 years ago

    hey big b can you tour my world in like 3 months so i can finish it up

  • Jace Johnson 5 years ago

    U Forgot the SquiD!

  • Erim Önder 5 years ago

    Cartoon texture pack+cand texture pack= pattern texture pack

  • Ernest Bien 5 years ago

    You look like a piñata in the diamond armour xD

  • Da Popes 5 years ago

    That villager freakin scared me

  • ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏᴏᴅsᴍᴀɴ™ 5 years ago

    Uploaded four minutes ago. Still not first.

  • DestroytheDestroyer 5 years ago


  • Jeanette Rector 5 years ago


  • BlisteryDuke 29 5 years ago

    i loved the villagers

  • Katiez LPS 5 years ago

    Dat villager scared the sizzles outta me

  • Fribritzeo 5 years ago

    That jumpscare though @[email protected]