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  • R Sanderford 6 years ago

    its not a song itz dubstep

  • jackson gilmore 6 years ago

    can zombies pick up armor?

  • Weston Mcgreevy 6 years ago

    What is the name of the song you play in the begiining of videos?

  • DUDESQAURE76 6 years ago

    When I was building a. Otcdh

  • RageKillGamingX 6 years ago

    They try to break any door, even yours, even when your not living in a

  • bob14775523 6 years ago

    Good it’s fun

  • Bede Canavan 6 years ago

    Minecraft isn’t a nice place at night

  • chilaxing56751 6 years ago

    Subbed it’s nice to see mcx360 getting some love.

  • mike the night 6 years ago

    you can make a day night senser using villages

  • tyler1999camaro 6 years ago

    Thanks for the info

  • Bede Canavan 6 years ago

    0:51 at the right a lone enderman

  • Tom Derrick 6 years ago

    they brake down doors on easy I think aswell

  • georgemorgan2006 6 years ago

    Your bum helps

  • Braden Carp 6 years ago

    I wish my mom would give me back my t.v. So I could play xbox!!!!!!!!!! She
    realy unpluged my tv and hide it in her closet SO EASY TO

  • Rosolino Gambino 6 years ago

    I dont know why but zombies still break down doors on easy ):

  • Crusha Cat 6 years ago

    Lol those 2 villages were staring at each other for ages

  • Tom o'connor 6 years ago

    Will there ever be servers

  • Lucas Lang 6 years ago

    They break down doors on easy too

  • TheCms100599 6 years ago

    theres a glith on my world where I counted over 50 villigers in 1 house and
    like 6 iron golems outside

  • Piero Chahua 6 years ago

    3:16 Lets Make a baby! ~,~!

  • silvakid 6 years ago

    They break down the door In all the modes Except for peaceful

  • Hipposqaud17 6 years ago

    They still break down doors on any mode

  • DeadmauHigh5 6 years ago

    It’s supposed to only be one…

  • Michael McAuliffe 6 years ago

    Send me friend request please my gamertag is

  • Levi Mccamey 6 years ago

    Iron doors do help zombies can’t break them down