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  • Tuck Movies 6 years ago

    I have both XBOX and PC version of MC. Now, not only does Microsoft’s
    service think I don’t own MC but still let me play it, but the skins and
    texture packs are fucking MONEY! Not to mention I have seen copied textures
    from PC version, without permission I assume (I don’t know for sure). PC
    version lags like hell for me, but this stuff is really pissing me off!
    Can’t we just have support for our own damn shit?

  • Xiaoshan Wood 6 years ago


  • Ningapolo 6 years ago

    tard shut the fuck up tunt

  • Stephanos Caraiannis 6 years ago

    You’r aswome like toby

  • Eric Buensalido 6 years ago

    * Crosses fingers *

  • Brady Bigheart 6 years ago

    I played it its awesome

  • stardestroyer85 6 years ago

    The maass effect is out go download

  • Thomas Young 6 years ago

    Its 3.99

  • Dragon koo 6 years ago

    nice map

  • MCPlayer10 6 years ago

    It’s not out for me :(

  • Steve Henry 6 years ago

    I played that on Xbox on a hunger games



  • Dylan C 6 years ago

    what is your xbox name

  • raquel villegas 6 years ago

    I played on that mao before !!!!!!!

  • Trilogy and Trilogex 6 years ago

    Thx I’ve been so confused I saw the texture pack thingiy and idk how to use

  • Matheus Caixista 6 years ago

    sure? put 2 doors (double door) and buttons and it will work fine. TU11 one
    door has a bug

  • lmMarzo 6 years ago

    He means there working on the bugs what are in tu12 and bring out tu13
    witch will be a big fix update :)

  • PandaCrafter798 6 years ago

    Im making that map!

  • superkylegames 6 years ago

    If anyone likes my profile pic and want one ill make them for u for free

  • Brittney Ford 6 years ago

    I’m diamondbullkiller

  • jkmovies45 6 years ago

    big b i am good friend with the mr buku please can u do me a video on how
    to create a redstone lamp clock that when i press a button it will go to 1
    the 9 all the way to 9 my gt osloph56

  • Shaun Randles 6 years ago

    tu12 was not a bug fix we got iron golems and stuff so 4j LIED!!!!!

  • Finksdumbvids 6 years ago

    Thats not fair because the Pc version gets it all for free, and now their
    making us xbox people buy it? Either way i’m getting them but still not fair

  • chad mater 6 years ago

    There’s jungle biomes mash up packs texture packs and more

  • Ningapolo 6 years ago

    im not gay like u retard mongo