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  • 0o0Gamerking0o0 6 years ago

    yes! (its better)

  • MrsGlamorous86 6 years ago


  • Alex Yoesting 6 years ago

    Hopefully xbox one minecraft will be able to run the HD texture packs.
    Maybe we will get horses when they launch it also.

  • Puredominace 6 years ago

    He did. But support simply means that we will be able to use texture packs.
    Not going to make a video about that…

  • Puredominace 6 years ago


  • Will Cork 6 years ago

    Pure i rember I was your 14 subber it’s amazing how far it’s came i tell
    you you will get 1 mil sub and more

  • Puredominace 6 years ago

    Probably not. :/

  • giggitymonster281 6 years ago

    My computer crashes when I download mods the only ones it does not crash
    with is opti fine and too many items can you help me

  • deadshot 149 6 years ago


  • giggitymonster281 6 years ago

    Nice intro

  • Carlos Placencia 6 years ago

    i think i was on ur friends list awhile back before creative and stuff my
    gt is SharkBait800 or i might be thinking of someone else but im posotive
    its u

  • Yousef Awadh 6 years ago

    I send you a messege

  • Dakota Cole 6 years ago

    Do you have to pay for the textures packs for Xbox360

  • kennedy lysons 6 years ago

    it honestly makes me sad that you do not have more subscribers.i just
    stumbled upon your videos and am very impressed

  • Puredominace 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for the kind words and support you have shown me all this
    time! I really do appreciate it!

  • Carter Jason 6 years ago


  • Ryan Sawker 6 years ago

    It’s texture pack support not texture packs

  • MrT3RR0RiST 6 years ago

    Sick new intro man! So much better!

  • Fantom 6 years ago

    Will they have minecraft on the xbox one?

  • Puredominace 6 years ago

    Hopefully soon!

  • Puredominace 6 years ago

    We don’t know what texture packs yet but hopefully you will be able to make
    a download them on your own!

  • SasukeUchihaUzumaki 6 years ago

    I really hope they don’t make you buy texture packs. That would suck :(

  • Puredominace 6 years ago

    I’m not a computer expert. Sorry bro. :/

  • crazyhooliganz 6 years ago

    I bet u will have to buy them with Microsoft points but u nether know they
    might bring one of the worse texture packs just to make u want the others

  • Puredominace 6 years ago

    Love you! <3