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  • alfie henry 6 years ago


  • It isn’t custom.It was available in skin pack 4

  • Sintrix 6 years ago

    Please check out my channel

  • Teami Typhoon 6 years ago

    So looking forward to TU12 been waiting for so long

  • Hayden Phillips 6 years ago

    Can I be your friend on xbox live what is your gamer tag

  • Rodrigo Mondragon 6 years ago

    Guys im going to make a vid it is awsome plzzzz watch its a book about
    minecraft Xbox 360 tu12 and beyond

  • Jt Mcmanus 6 years ago

    I know a seed that has 20 diamonds in 1 cave!

  • Marqsman 6 years ago

    Misspelled Trial

  • Kyle Aldover 6 years ago

    how did u get a custome minecraft skin for xbox

  • ByFuzion1 6 years ago

    could u do a vid on the mash up pack because not sure wat they are?thanks

  • Kenneth Saucedo 6 years ago

    How much is it

  • Trevor Phillips 6 years ago

    I bet the viewers don’t have a twitter account and they are all little

  • Love Race 6 years ago

    Honestly can’t wait but the thing is school is gonna start up again

  • BillionthTie85 6 years ago

    Not fair xbox people have to pay and not pc that’s stupid

  • Jacob Johnson 6 years ago

    theres a video on it he did

  • ToxicTurbulence 6 years ago

    why are ur hunger games time really late then u never do it btw I luv the hg

  • justin ochoa 6 years ago

    I read that to =D

  • Tommy Ashton 6 years ago

    Of Course It’s Gonna Cost! We’re Talking About Microsoft

  • dante1848 6 years ago

    Go to hell u dumbass bitch he was just saying u dickheaded motherfucker

  • eXipes 6 years ago

    Awesome vid bro!

  • jimmy man 6 years ago

    It cost microsoft points :(

  • JK47514 6 years ago


  • Emily Guzman 6 years ago


  • 00HaloPlaya 6 years ago

    where you going for vacation not to be in business.

  • Piewild50 6 years ago

    What’s a mash up pack