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  • Gerardo Martinez 6 years ago

    Trees duh

  • Harrison Luck 6 years ago

    On pc

  • Tatabusa Aldridge 6 years ago

    It fucking needs to be on pc becuase xbox doesnot have it yet

  • Daniel Quiroga Ramirez 6 years ago


  • Jakob Bennett 6 years ago

    Why does itmsay xbox then smart ass

  • konrad pumpkinseed 6 years ago

    This is on pc

  • konrad pumpkinseed 6 years ago

    Yaaaa right

  • weeian31 6 years ago


  • tomdavies255 6 years ago

    I want hardcore mode :(

  • Jr Cortez 6 years ago


  • Beast Tastic1234 6 years ago

    What about texture packs

  • athlete1521 6 years ago

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  • TheGreenHornut 6 years ago

    They’re just trees and unspawned land near it

  • hector hernandez 6 years ago

    360nation do I need xbox live to update mincraft on disc version

  • HUNTER IVEY 6 years ago

    I just want to point out there are jungle trees in that image so when skin
    pack 5 comes out tu12 will already be out or come out that same day so if
    we get the release date for skin pack 5 then we have our relelase date

  • clearshot6658 6 years ago

    ya those are trees if you look you will see grass at the right side that
    means the dsert biome must have ended witch makes those trees

  • Kami Hershey 6 years ago

    I hop that they come to the updat

  • feistier abyss 6 years ago

    Not trying to not get your hopes up but if you look closly when he zooms in
    you can see a patch of grass so that might not be a dessert biom wich I
    want to because I realy don’t like the rain or the snow in minecraft

  • RRelix 6 years ago

    do you guys think they will add texture packs?

  • favian mata 6 years ago

    I think Tue or wed

  • Dylan Ramos 6 years ago


  • zdog240 6 years ago

    @B3A5T8D Desert Villages have been in pc for over a year now, dumbshit.
    Next time don’t comment when you probably don’t even have MineCraft PC.

  • Rick Feury 6 years ago

    Was what’s outdoor

  • BluePhantom 6 years ago

    @B3A5T8D you’re the dumb shit stupid they’ve been in the PC for quite a
    while now you stupid 6 year old

  • Tom Porter 6 years ago

    I thought they’re clouds