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  • Chris Bash 6 years ago

    People post fake info, stage of growth on wheat, red wool not carpet, diamonds not emeralds

  • Gamenbro 6 years ago

    Sorry brethren the paintings aren’t retextured

  • Gamenbro 6 years ago

    Already have it

  • Caleb Scarbrough 6 years ago

    Tu 14 I meant

  • Caleb Scarbrough 6 years ago

    I have the natural texture pack and the natural pack and the loading background is the th14 tutorial world I think.

  • CallMeKDE 6 years ago


  • Slipcasedbeast 6 years ago


  • riley evans 6 years ago

    Looks like souk craft sort of

  • ricky valdovinos 6 years ago

    Really is that really emerald ore wtf

  • Marek K 6 years ago

    @ 2:02 I see emerald ore!

  • BlackoutXL400 6 years ago

    Way better than plastic

  • iTzAsTr0x 6 years ago

    lol. It cost way more money for 4j to put minecraft on the xbox because its a different code than pc. So they need the money to keep making updates. Not everything is free. That’s why games for Xbox and Ps3 are more than their PC versions. Use your brain a bit.

  • kenneth mazzeo jr 6 years ago

    When does it come out

  • tyler du 6 years ago

    xxxxxxx :)

  • Amber Mcguire 6 years ago

    Hey you are amazing I love u xx

  • coryhip 6 years ago


  • MaNnIlYn81 6 years ago

    The second one is awesome

  • joel silva 6 years ago

    Fucking Xbox everything cost money unlike pc .pc has everything that’s good everything is free exept for the game their so stupid hey Xbox read this bitch your so fucking stupid ps4 is gonna be better and so is minecraft for ps4 and ps3 will be better

  • MinecraftMedz 6 years ago

    Hey guys could you please check out my channel. Much like BR3THRN, i like to make quality minecraft videos. I make mini games, map showcases, map playthroughs and a load more! If you could leave a sub you would be a LEGEND, thanks!

  • thermal howrse 6 years ago

    Its not out for me is it even out

  • FikzziT 6 years ago

    Its out on Xbox again. Best texture pack yet.

  • IVIICHAELxx 6 years ago

    This is defiantly 34×34 pixel’s Awesome :)

  • TtheTechGuyCalled Ashley 6 years ago

    the texture pack is already out dude

  • XrayGames Salgado 6 years ago

    I have the texture pack

  • skyrim dood 6 years ago