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  • Noah Fence 6 years ago

    is david still the pork born but he doesnt know it?

  • SpaceGeak 6 years ago

    What’s the up I wanna join

  • Eoin Oneill 6 years ago

    Logic overload, mission: to stop a nuclear threat, does so by nuking them

  • Windroid Man 6 years ago

    This sucks….. this is more roleplay than they’re other earlier videos.
    That was actual building….

  • nicholas milich 6 years ago

    jermaine is born

  • kameron Smith 6 years ago

    Oh my the f##king lag


  • harrison foster 6 years ago

    i am new saw the newest ep of this on your channel 5 seconds thourgh i
    thought subbing and watching from beggining

  • tekkit builder 6 years ago


  • Esteban J. 6 years ago

    Check out the best Mincraft Voltz Wars season 3 series. FInd out what
    Finbar an David next mission is. 

  • Nelson Blaney 6 years ago

    you wont read my coment but if you do please give me the ip adress for your
    server if you could be so greatfull iwould join and help you defeate the
    terrorist and/or the prostitudes

  • DubstepTurtle5 6 years ago

    Where do u find the texture pack can i have link

  • Christopher Barnes, Jr. 6 years ago

    can u make a fan server for infamy plz or play with some fans

  • Lisa Blackhall 6 years ago

    How cares

  • Noobguy12343 6 years ago

    You cheat to much

  • matt Samm 6 years ago

    No one cares that they cheated

  • Bailey Butler 6 years ago

    NOOOOO you cheated again! :(

  • egil larsen 6 years ago

    the guy who gave you the mission was he danish because i,m danish

  • FoD Ghosthunter 6 years ago

    you can fix it by copying the lib file from FTB unleased to you lib folder
    in infamy 😀

  • alkohnest 6 years ago

    i cant get the modpack to work on FTB i just get a fatal error

  • MineCraftMonk3y11 6 years ago

    i think you 2 could potentially be the next hat films or yogscast

  • david shi 6 years ago

    What mod pack is that

  • Robo Prototype 6 years ago


  • adam Huber 6 years ago

    Is this reply votz?!

  • Truex007 6 years ago

    How rude! I’d invite you guys to my server, but it seems an invite from
    Notch is probably a bit better.

  • Kellie Erickson 6 years ago

    Eh simon has it going on lol