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  • tate smith 6 years ago


  • Skyler Brockmoller 6 years ago

    SPADE not SPAD

  • Chris Butt 6 years ago

    All of Flan’s vehicle mods were taken out in the first ten episodes.

  • Robbie Mclauchlan 6 years ago

    Dude, they can make guns. I bet you couldn’t make a bloody sh*t with the
    recourses they have.

  • Dakota Smith 6 years ago


  • Jarod Miller 6 years ago

    You are on top of the fortress

  • ThePoorMansButter 6 years ago

    Ah, shit.

  • james yogit 6 years ago

    You should probably turn mini map of because enemies might be watching

  • builder612 6 years ago

    You were standing next to the portal not in It. It does the effect next to
    it as when your standing on the obsidian!

  • OriginalDragoon 6 years ago

    nooo you don’t need the corners of portals as obsidian

  • rambo beast 6 years ago

    how come u made one ep not 2 today

  • Samantha Dickey 6 years ago


  • Fully Hollow 6 years ago

    Hey fnd if you can make a minium stone and put it in the crafting table
    with four iron to get and enderpearl like so they can see

  • legorig 6 years ago

    thanks. and also make your base underwater with a forcefield

  • cleveland greig 6 years ago

    im sorry for saying this but i like the hobbit better

  • jacob baker 6 years ago

    Hover over the wierd fibre glass and press u it opens what you can do with
    it :)

  • xxdaimondkingxx 6 years ago

    Jermaines with the rebels his showing ur base to them!!!

  • PaperCraft 6 years ago

    For an endear portal u don’t need to fill in the corners

  • chris s 6 years ago

    is this the public server

  • MrMinerGuy142 6 years ago

    …weather’s great here… 😛

  • turtle overlord 6 years ago

    I, i’m speechless, this just means so much to me. And i would just like to
    thank you all for your support, i never would have achieved this without
    you. Thank you.

  • Shadowgate Studios 6 years ago


  • wade71499 6 years ago

    How does a world anchor work?

  • Oskar Kristjansson 6 years ago

    Bild a p 90

  • saad khan-yousaf 6 years ago