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  • Jemana Murti 6 years ago

    the villagers are spooky

  • Archilius Fowl 6 years ago

    Soartex Fanver is an awesome pack!

  • kai scallion 6 years ago

    can i use #4

  • moody miner 6 years ago

    +moody miner whoops :/

  • Tyler Smith 6 years ago

    The cross hairs are the same as when you throw a tomahawk on cod ghost

  • Justin Sam 6 years ago


  • Remano Possemis 6 years ago

    Use John Smith its the best

  • Zak Hubbard 6 years ago

    Drug dealers are not demonic…

  • yutao qiu 6 years ago

    Pure bd craft by shpax is also good

  • Thomas White 6 years ago

    Do u guy like lively texture packs like sphax pre bd craft or gloomy ones
    like Isabella

  • Adam Midkiff 6 years ago

    minewars star wars looking pack great for a future type city look

  • DuskFlowerGaming 6 years ago

    I had Ovo’s back in 1.6.5 😛 i really missed it. I’m glad its in 1.7 now!

  • Josh Hunter 6 years ago

    I have always loved dokucraft

  • ramy raed 6 years ago

    Pure BD craft all day every day
    i was using the boxcraft one but it got boring really fast

  • Tyler Smith 6 years ago

    The intro is beast

  • ROBLOXgaming 6 years ago

    First is awesome!

  • CrynatorFilms 6 years ago

    i like r3dcraft

  • Sami Isufi 6 years ago

    i have all tese texture packs and its are amazing

  • epic Pepper 6 years ago

    i know the seed for where you do your filming

  • Seamus Kavanagh 6 years ago

    Faithful is the best I think

  • New Evolution 6 years ago

    I’m using Romancraft

  • Daneetra Rk Palanisamy 6 years ago


  • Changeling Brony 6 years ago

    default realism all the way, not updated for 1.7.2 :( but it’s awesome

  • brandon wiess 6 years ago

    FlowsHD, misa realistic, soartex revival, dokucraft, and faithful

  • Logik box 6 years ago