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  • Nate Dap 6 years ago

    I love this but I only use it for pvp but I use the normal faithful pack

  • Eoin Pandar 6 years ago

    Lol ur sword’s named Milk’s Dick

  • michael lapinski 6 years ago

    fucking aswome dude

  • luccarocks101 6 years ago

    Does it have low fire?

  • Bobby Nam 6 years ago


  • lvalllp 99 6 years ago


  • Keiron Mongeon 6 years ago

    ty, i love this 😀

  • Slicky NInja 6 years ago

    Doe this have low fire?

  • MrMigster45 6 years ago

    casually killing the horses

  • TOXIC Outrage 6 years ago

    its really good but can u add low flame please?

  • yoda robinson 6 years ago

    I love this texture/resource pack Man Thanks!

  • M1LKme 6 years ago

    Guys, I believe the fire is modified because it is a PvP texturepack, but I
    am not sure. Feel free to try it out and if you are having trouble
    installing this texturepack, check out my tutorial on how to do so. Thanks

  • TheScottishTacox 6 years ago

    Love it man! subbed and like 😀

  • eWogl 6 years ago


  • ShystyMC 6 years ago


  • M1LKme 6 years ago