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  • maxx2395 7 years ago


  • audradozier2000 7 years ago

    what do the animals and other? mobs look like?

  • firebubba77 7 years ago

    use patcher patch delete the 510 or watev ownload a way lower one my lapto cant even? supportmutant creeper mod so after that patch 1more time loggin and fixxed

  • firebubba77 7 years ago

    i need help plasma i hate how dokucraft windows in 1.3an all others when next to eachother stick i arrow in it ilike sinle? window textrue but multi window is ugly and DOKUCRAFT ftw! and skyrim craft il ove that noe a little wierd but cool

  • terraria103 7 years ago

    %appdata%? > Roaming > .minecraft > texturepacks > [name] > delete

  • Mindrazy 7 years ago

    Dont worry the updated is out much better BEST TEXTURE PACK EVER!!!!?

  • MrCmpunk2121 7 years ago

    me? to

  • fyrecubemusic 7 years ago

    To be honest theres nothing wrong with? Pure BDcraft 32x

  • goblinup 7 years ago

    Praaaaaaaaly it is safe if it wasn’t my dad would have? my head

  • K1LL3RLEG3ND 7 years ago

    honestly, this texture pack is amazing?

  • praaaaaallly 7 years ago

    My norton anti-virus says the patcher is unsafe, i highly doubt it if the minecraft forum posted it but i just want to make sure it is safe, please reply to me ensuring to me that it is safe. lol sorry i? just dont want a virus

  • Approved Leo 7 years ago

    Omg thks bro i’ve been looking for? this forever!!

  • SniperDude141 7 years ago

    Hey how? do you patch if you ha e a hacked client, I’ve tried but says Ii can’t do it

  • sup agfh 7 years ago

    yay its ChimneySwift11 Texturepack he use for Minecraft? files Like this if he does

  • MrJammer328 7 years ago

    Haha I have a iMac and run? 128x 128 60 fps

  • Th3LazzyBoy 7 years ago

    lol okay dokay? ill practive on my sence of humor

  • SoulOfBucephalus 7 years ago

    doesn’t sound like one, you must have a horrible sense? in humor..

  • Th3LazzyBoy 7 years ago

    it? was only joke

  • SoulOfBucephalus 7 years ago

    Dumbass it’s your own fault for using the texturepack, no? one MADE you do shit.

  • Th3LazzyBoy 7 years ago

    damn U made me? crash out my minecraft

  • Artifex9989 7 years ago

    because its? there!

  • Pandafrompopstar 7 years ago

    if you are in creative? why did you have hearts?

  • KanashAtla 7 years ago

    I am comment number 45. Who really cares? XD? Love these vids

  • masterchiefhalo100 7 years ago

    Who gives a shit about? tut

  • lucyfelix12345 7 years ago

    hey can? u show all the mobs? like if you can type /spawn all mobs.