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  • lucas cristensen 7 years ago

    I personally like the? high best

  • Doug Stephens 7 years ago

    dude? i need lots and lots of help can u help me? :O

  • frank schepers 7 years ago

    coole texture pack this is very? very cool

  • oriole4008 7 years ago

    use a patcher?

  • KillerSmileey 7 years ago

    Thank you for your very nice review! Keep it up! You got? a like and a sub 😀

  • PromethesBlue117 7 years ago

    dokucraft (Or gerudoku) is my favorite texture pack because it dosn’t change the game incredibly, but it makes it look great, not like those extreamly realistic texture packs that I’ll never use like Photo Realism (Still? pretty awesome? though)

  • iitzBissainthe 7 years ago

    You may have installed it incorrectly. Watch some tutorials on how to install? texture packs and that should help.

  • ImeshNHLMNTC 7 years ago

    I like the Soartex Fanver Texture Pack?

  • Eric Gurganus 7 years ago


  • Eric Gurganus 7 years ago

    I odownloaded Dokucraft but it? is the Default look of Minecraft…? WTF!!!

  • Ben Shure 7 years ago

    im confused it says i need some requirements for? it to work same with mods

  • evilmonkeyman111 7 years ago

    I’d Like to see the Steampunk texture pack on one episode. PS.? The armors look like cyborgs on steampunk. XD

  • RobloxCraze 7 years ago

    Does? anyone else have the problem with some blocks are just blank grey!?

  • NuttyNarwhals 7 years ago

    no you need to get minecraft? patcher!

  • dannyman2001 7 years ago

    OVa Zip? please

  • Yuri Porta 7 years ago

    Please tell me if there is virus in this download or something comes out?
    or if? you get something else?

  • Rodolfo Gonzalez 7 years ago

    How do you patch??

  • KoalaGamers NL 7 years ago

    eventcrafthigh doku is? bether

  • Stonecold831 7 years ago

    im gonna get? high! 😛

  • lilmojett 7 years ago

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  • TheBym4eva 7 years ago

    Use MCpatcher.?

  • Draganot1 7 years ago

    Does? it come in 64 by 64

  • marccarless 7 years ago


  • SergeantToast197 7 years ago

    what HD TEXTURE what HD TEXTURE FIX did you use FIX did you use?