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  • ANgelo Darabana 6 years ago

    cool , i like it a lot , but …. why i needed to waste always a lot of
    time to download all the files ? :/

  • alexreffand 6 years ago

    Well this was a waste of time

  • NewbieChaos 6 years ago

    When I use this shaderpack or any Cuda Shaderpacks all I see on my screen
    is whiteness. The only thing I see dark enough is water and the mobs, Help

  • Xeratar 6 years ago

    I´ve got the ultra version of this shader and the water isn´t blue what can
    i do? I have the addon and a texturepack but why is it not working ?

  • Alex H. 6 years ago

    lol song plz? XD

  • NewOomg 6 years ago

    at the moment as I know ‘shader mod’ are available for version 1.5.2, so
    far only optifine and other mods. On 1.5.2 install it easy, and with Magic
    launcher and manually :)

  • Harry Carter 6 years ago

    I Love This And The Song

  • NewOomg 6 years ago

    I put minecraft.jar, if you want to do yourself, please use Magic Launcher,
    and then paste optifine, and mod

  • rerwh 6 years ago

    thanks ^^

  • NewOomg 6 years ago

    I put the .jar file, so you do not suffer, enjoyable game! :)

  • DramaStuhl 6 years ago

    THATS WHAT I DO!!! But why do you call it 1.6.2 ?! its just for getting
    views cause people hope they found a new version -.-

  • HopefulWriter14 6 years ago

    how did you install this? did you use magic launcher or something?

  • DramaStuhl 6 years ago

    dont write 1.6.2 if its not for this version!

  • NewOomg 6 years ago

    1.6.2 I wrote in parentheses, and you do not understand it’s not shader I
    put a shader packs are two different things, shader pack is suitable for
    1.6 will be released Shaders MOD

  • spencer8103 6 years ago


  • Comstock DeWitt 6 years ago

    This isnt 1.6.2…

  • NewOomg 6 years ago

    Like and write a comment pls 😉

  • AroPlays 6 years ago

    So you put Optifine + GLSL in the .jar file together ?

  • NewOomg 6 years ago

    I recorded with version 1.5.2, I agree, but shaders suitable for 1.6.2 when
    they will be released :)

  • NewOomg 6 years ago

    if you want shaders wait shaders mod on 1.6.2!