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  • CreepersEdge 5 years ago

    Hope you guys enjoy this little episode!

    Lets see how fast we can hit 1000 likes you guys are doing amazing recently!


  • Trend Hazard 5 years ago

    This is important what is your time lapse song pls tell me I love the song

  • OhTekkers 5 years ago


  • EagleSausage™ 5 years ago

    Speedup song?

  • oowoofoo 5 years ago

    Who just watches that intro over and over again xD 

  • Bob Shnookal 5 years ago

    Can you put the songs in the description? ;-;

  • Taylor CraftFTW 5 years ago

    That guy x-rayed!!!!!

  • BloodW4r ツ 5 years ago

    Hey Ryan, why don’t you record the intros after you record the whole video?
    So you don’t need to do a lot of intros all the time if it’s a fail vid and
    to know for sure if it’s a raid ;o

  • Ignacio G 5 years ago

    Where can i download the Entity tracker?!

  • ShankedYou BRO 5 years ago

    intro song? <3

  • Lepa 78 5 years ago

    No its not ohtekkers base. Because weekly armor

  • PvP Slayer 5 years ago

    Btw that kid that found it used X-ray he dug a hole straight down and
    straight to matts base.

  • Infinite xI 5 years ago

    Hacker. He speed hacking and speed mining! WOAH

  • Taylor CraftFTW 5 years ago

    Love you Cedge and Tekkers. Also Matt please upload at 9 tonight please. I
    go sleep at 10 :(

  • CBass13579 Plays MC 5 years ago

    no! why did you raid mat? whyyyyyyyyy????!!!!!

  • Noxiu x 5 years ago

    Not Matt base. he have dispensers in main area at up. easy

  • StrengthAndSpeed 5 years ago

    U missed the spawner on the right at 5:12!!! 

  • Andrew Dalholt 5 years ago

    What song is in your intro?

  • Acer Critic 5 years ago

    At the start we would think that you’re xray’n lol

  • SAMMIEPLAYS 5 years ago

    Very great videos!!. Your inspiration is amazing :)

  • Hobo In A Box 5 years ago

    Who the fudge made your intro? xD

  • skipper297 5 years ago

    its not ohtekkers beacuase his dog would be there

  • suicidelover77 5 years ago

    What’s the intro music?

  • Adriel Allen 5 years ago

    God he was so happy sounded like a little kid? not in a bad way.

  • HotPvP 5 years ago

    WHaT IS THAT song in the speed time thing?!?!?