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  • Cayutie 5 years ago

    Sorry that the link doesn’t work, I’ll fix it later!

  • daisy burton 5 years ago

    I love how u review texture packs I have been trying to look for u again
    and I’m aloud to subscribe to ! Yay

  • Caroline Volpe 5 years ago

    Amazing!!! It’s so cool!

  • AcraticPlays 5 years ago

    I like this pack, one slight problem. The link to download it sends you to
    a page of blankness.

  • creepergames 5 years ago

    Sou Br nao sei mt ingles :( good video

  • DjydoesMinecraft Lolz 5 years ago

    Link doesn’t work?

  • AustinPlays_ 5 years ago

    Nice :D

  • ImFr4nco_ ツ •I'мPℓαуMςѕg• 5 years ago

    Link no funca

  • Jovany Hervert 5 years ago


  • DjydoesMinecraft Lolz 5 years ago

    230Th Scrub

  • EforEnderlee ‍ 5 years ago

    How do you make your thumbnails? what do you use?