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  • john sethen 6 years ago

    freaking EPIC TEXTURE PACK!

  • dylan simons 6 years ago

    This takes so so so long to download but…….. Its worth it :)

  • Nicholas Ybe 6 years ago


  • Bruna Maleh 6 years ago

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  • DaClutchHD 6 years ago


  • Cod Player 6 years ago

    I dont like the stone sword and the other one

  • It's N0sKY BaBAY 6 years ago

    “gg” xD

  • opPvP 6 years ago

    Soup 3

  • PenguinPlaysMinecraft 6 years ago

    where did you make teh intro?

  • Tomás Lopes 6 years ago

    i am your sub 700

  • Momo Iunno 6 years ago

    Google it,iz good

  • DaClutchHD 6 years ago

    what is that 😛

  • Momo Iunno 6 years ago

    do you have an easy button? 😛

  • ulises fogliani 6 years ago

    which is the song from the beginning?

  • Tz Craft 6 years ago


  • DaClutchHD 6 years ago

    I changed it check out my new videos 😛

  • DisneyBoii 6 years ago

    Fucking AWESOME!!!!!

  • Flarexe X 6 years ago

    Cool got it

  • Michał Zwarycz 6 years ago

    stop na 0:05 😀

  • MinerGod645 6 years ago

    That intro is so overused.

  • PlunkyPvP 6 years ago

    Many Youtubers Have It. Its A Intro Platform

  • GampTV 6 years ago

    its called template.

  • MemoriesMC 6 years ago

    Nice Video! What did you use to make your intro?

  • Bartek Gospodarczyk 6 years ago

    Nice intro what music ? Sorry on Language im a Polish language.

  • Stuart Cafarella 6 years ago