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  • Aidan Caldino-Duran 6 years ago

    He use 9 cobblestone

  • Purple Louise 6 years ago

    ITS REALL I got it on mcpe server OK!

  • Aidan Caldino-Duran 6 years ago

    He use 9 blocks of cobblestone

  • Dennis Tiec 6 years ago

    Its a mod not a glitch -.-

  • Aurabelle Demegillo 6 years ago


  • Grace Styles 6 years ago

    How to you make that cool intro

  • Wadim Kaul 6 years ago

    Work thanks

  • Qortes Jean 6 years ago

    So fake

  • Minions 6 years ago

    I just wanted this mod. Attention ! everyone that says this is fake, this
    is a Mod! Well, i guess you just tried it out without download & install
    the mod.

  • Ketrell Crayton 6 years ago

    Fucker you faked

  • Thomas Young 6 years ago

    That was class

  • Ryan Rodriguez 6 years ago

    stupid shit you trolled us just Wasted my MB the mod in the file is a
    Creeper and Troll photo.Maybe there’s an troll photo cause your trolling us

  • Jacob Hargraves 6 years ago

    When he fall look at the black wool and watch it change

  • Jonathan Medina 6 years ago

    U guys r idiots don’t u see the title MOD god u idiots

  • CircleCube 6 years ago

    It’s clearly a fake, when he stays still for a second or two he is stopping
    the clip and making more stuff and after he has been through the ‘portal’
    he stays still and cuts it to destroy the wool ‘portal’ and he stitches it
    all together when he edits it


  • Shahab Obadi 6 years ago

    Make real fucking videos

  • kacen knight 6 years ago

    It worked your awesome man

  • Brenda Dominguez 6 years ago


  • Jaret Tiechroeb 6 years ago


  • kimRUSL10 6 years ago

    You can clearly see is a fake because wool positions are wrong, and its not
    even in 0.8.0

  • thecrazyguys 935 6 years ago


  • Kleyver Souza 6 years ago

    Copiou a intro do Joserobjr

  • Matthew McDonald 6 years ago

    It does not work. :-(

  • yo momma 6 years ago

    The file is just a picture of a creeper and troll face