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  • Logan Means 6 years ago

    yugioh is better than pokemon still like pokemon but yugioh is better

  • Dartony miner 6 years ago

    no download booho

  • Arack8 6 years ago

    I notice a lot of people are just immediately going straight to “yugioh is
    better than pokemon!” well I too think that but I’ll give my reason why: I
    enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh because it takes thinking, strategy, and skill to be
    able to duel professionally, from what I’ve seen about pokemon, it looks
    like there’s no strategy involved in building a deck, and no strategy
    during play. Now I’m not so much a fan of the new Yu-Gi-Oh’s, I’m very
    nostalgic about the old ones, I don’t very much like this new idea of
    synchros and all that, but now I’m going off course, anyways like I said:
    from my experience, Yu-Gi-Oh has strategy involved and pokemon does not.

  • Taylor Entrekin 6 years ago

    pokemon is the shit

  • Zack Kap 6 years ago

    The duel disk looks like a water gun.

  • miannahoward 6 years ago

    Dude my cool friends like pokeymon like you hi oh zexal and normal

  • Bajandj 6 years ago

    i loved yugioh it was amazing and it is amazing

  • Brandon Roberts 6 years ago

    was the dowlod

  • Leyvin Hernandez 6 years ago

    Is this a mod

  • Sabine Halligan 6 years ago

    i hate pokemon i HATE IT IT SUCKS I LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh

  • POTATOGAMERMC VitaGamer 6 years ago


  • YuGiOhMasterBITCH 6 years ago

    Yugioh is better

  • folabo amusa 6 years ago

    yes yugioh is way better than pokemon

  • supersaiyanguy99067 6 years ago

    Eh Pokémon is good… YU-GI-OH! IS BETTER!

  • yugiohfan101ful 6 years ago