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  • soccerstar smith 6 years ago

    Why does this only have 25 well 26 now comments and like only 300 likes?

  • Koolaid5555 6 years ago

    xD. I love this so much! <33

  • Logdotzip 6 years ago

    Thanks for checkin out the vid guys! Everyone is in the description. Make
    sure you leave a rating if you had a laugh :)

  • c4antstop 6 years ago

    hi logdotzip your an amazing youtuber and have been an insreation to me
    maybe you and i can play together!!!!! if you want to pm me! thanks for
    reading logdotzip

  • Nicole Trappen 6 years ago

    Logdotzip gets an F for having sex with the teacher.When u escaped who was
    far in the distance

  • Jim Cuddy 6 years ago


  • Moth Man 6 years ago

    130 wow

  • TheOnlyNuclearDonut 6 years ago

    Love the outro music

  • husky7876 6 years ago

    Logdotzip is…the professional tard wrangler

  • Logdotzip 6 years ago


  • Kniter - Ex Shady 6 years ago

    Bashur was epic

  • hiselplogin 6 years ago

    you’re a cool teacher 😛

  • TheMushrooms 6 years ago

    Joey ate THE redstone D:

  • Tim Overliese 6 years ago

    Those teacher episodes, i Find them quote boring. Anthony

  • Digisable 6 years ago


  • Digisable 6 years ago

    ;D thanks

  • icecold960 6 years ago

    “my bootcamp!”

  • elsherdoo 6 years ago

    lol wtf did i just watch

  • Digisable 6 years ago

    Did you record when you where on the legion network??

  • Vandel Creed 6 years ago

    ….everything quickly hit the fan

  • Logdotzip 6 years ago

    well, I have a different video up every day! maybe tomorrow will be more to
    your liking :p

  • KiwiCrafter 11 6 years ago

    wat screen recorder ????

  • jordan chisholm 6 years ago

    Omg! Bahur is the worst teacher

  • Moth Man 6 years ago

    Ur amazing