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  • MrMcPsycho 5 years ago

    i like the UFO and Deathstar ideas. For the UFO beam you could use lime
    stained glass

  • Monkeyfarm Minecraft 5 years ago
  • Stephen Tiemeyer 5 years ago

    So is this hermit raft series he has the same world as tango trek/jumbo

  • meef von grau 5 years ago

    u could try building a giant creeper.

    have u seen “indepence day”?
    there is a scene where an alien ship destroys the white house; it would
    look imho neat too^^

  • Stuff n' Pickles 5 years ago

    A giant anvil falling on top of a Monkeyfarm head for some reason I think
    that would be funny looking. lol. Collab with all of them but most
    especially Doc, Xisuma, Sl1p, or Etho! Or… do one with Zueljin and maybe
    work on Hermit Holes.

  • EupedUpp 5 years ago

    Giant torch? Instead of the mushroom

  • Hannah Lin 5 years ago

    I remember the year before last year, you used to reply comments with
    periods after sentences, which makes it kind of sound serious.. And now you
    are sending “:)” and “;)” and I really like how you became more passionate
    and stuff.
    I think you are really a wise person, the best minecrafter ever!!!! And I
    love your creations in minecraft, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :DDDD hope this makes you happy..maybe..

  • Paul Crowe 5 years ago

    A project with Cleo would be interesting to watch, especially given her
    ability to create large 3D objects out of blocks.

  • Zombie Gorilla 5 years ago

    Do one with DMAC, I don’t know if he even plays vanilla anymore though.

  • Lenny Andre 5 years ago

    How about a giant monkey like the skull you had on the last map.

  • Christopher Peacock 5 years ago

    I think you should have a collaboration with xBCrafted.

  • M.Z. channel 5 years ago

    that base will be too similar to mumbos’ ‘jumbowl’ if you won’t change that
    square thing above

  • Steve King 5 years ago

    How about a giant dropper.. One that spits out mobs :)

  • Wallaby Time 5 years ago

    It’s getting to winter down here. You people seem to always neglect the
    southern hemisphere!

  • Paula Aziz 5 years ago

    Can you do a goofy face on the mushroom and put big long arms on the stem
    and when people see it theyll think it as a great funny welcome

  • Dody eid 5 years ago

    What about something like an ocean UFO using prismarine blocks and sea

  • xUser52x 5 years ago

    Build a temple or something to encompass the sun and moon that rise and set
    over it

  • Jesse Anderson 5 years ago

    Do a dragon , but it’d be really hard 

  • silverbook81 5 years ago

    Make your spawner a hot air balloon. 

  • M.Z. channel 5 years ago

    build something round. sort of UFO or whatever. Or just a big cylinder
    thing. More smoothness, buddy!

  • justin sane 5 years ago

    For your island thing – Make a giant guardian like a statue at the top
    (maibe with collors/maibe with normal bricks so it looks like a statue)
    guardion collors comes together with your building

  • Andrew Specht 5 years ago

    I think you need 1 power railed per 1 up in order to keep maximum speed,
    Yes, it is wasteful, but…this is minecraft. Infinite resources for
    little effort with mega farms.

  • Darktega 5 years ago

    Gotta go fast.

    I like the UFO idea. I think the beacon idea everyone is doing comments
    about would be dope but there is the spawner and I even forgot about. Well,
    the UFO is invading and not abduting people so it won’t be necessary. For
    add effect, you could use sea lantern lamps and green glass, I guess.

  • ScorchRunner 5 years ago

    Mjolnir would be awesome (Thor’s hammer)

  • TheGamingDeer 5 years ago

    Nice video man