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  • chuy cornejo 6 years ago

    Harbinger eats shit XD

  • Irelis Figueras 6 years ago


  • william Smith 6 years ago

    ye so funnay did he thel you jocks no he didnt did he

  • Rikke Lybecker Andersen 6 years ago

    LOL (:

  • Brandy Etcheson 6 years ago

    Where is Megan

  • Vaughn Androlowicz 6 years ago

    the 13th vid is 13 minutes!

  • xXMiniBeeXx 6 years ago

    OH wow and almost on the 13th day

  • Slug Fest 6 years ago

    People re watching!

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Its not a mod pack. I downloaded all them individually.

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    How do I heal my snake?

  • Albinacers 6 years ago

    Way to go you crazy drunk. He he. 😉

  • Ethan Fang 6 years ago

    Ya man shut up

  • christian george 6 years ago

    yay alcohol! :)

  • glenn kingsbury 6 years ago

    ah good! awesome mate!

  • Jorn Elzinga 6 years ago

    Raw rat heals ur snake healing or regen pot might work too

  • Adam West 6 years ago

    Love the LP keep it up! I’ll try to share with other friends!

  • Harbinger28567 6 years ago

    YouTube, stop recommending minecraft shit! I don’t care about this stupid
    fucking game!

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    I mention it in the next episode.

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    You know me. 😛

  • Adam West 6 years ago

    No thank you!

  • tirrell felder 6 years ago

    what is the modpack

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Yeah, episode 14 is out and I’m posting videos a few times a week.

  • Tazzanumbi 6 years ago

    Then why are you watching a minecraft video?

  • SHAK051 6 years ago

    41 views and no comments? I was sure Mbot was more popular than this

  • glenn kingsbury 6 years ago

    hmm.. is there more mate? cause its awesome! dislikes? people hates puppies