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  • Brian Garcia 6 years ago


  • Jayvon trollz 6 years ago

    aye u now when u go in a cave thing I forgot too get stuff u now u don’t
    need oo put down tourches onless u don’t wanna get lost :)

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Cool, I’ll try it.

  • Ansel Ahab 6 years ago

    ur awsome

  • joseph marks 6 years ago

    Im the 43 viewer lol

  • jorn7890 6 years ago

    anything more to ask? 😛

  • fullapple1991 6 years ago

    Place fences on top of the hops. : I think that’s how you expand it.

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Thanks Ansel Ahab. :)