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  • devon scott 6 years ago

    damn nature!you scary!

  • DizzyDiamonds 6 years ago

    You need an iron axe for tree contapitator* mod

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Thanks for the support Deasia Kennedy. :)

  • Deasia Kennedy 6 years ago

    I love u videos I saw almost all of. Them

  • Toni Wills 6 years ago

    Your cool

  • HardICoreIGoat 6 years ago

    xMBotx, how did you fix the aspect ratio problem?

  • me gosta 6 years ago

    4 person to see

  • MiniBeeHD 6 years ago

    Mbot you should put a list of the mods in your des

  • flamingrubys11 6 years ago

    m bot i hope u can keep this one alive

  • Diego Delacruz 6 years ago

    I’ve missed youi surviving in minecraft !!!!!

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Yeah good point.

  • anthony placek 6 years ago

    i laughed so much.

  • Albinacers 6 years ago

    oh bummer man. I just got my laptop back from being repaired. What a
    nightmare setting it back up.

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Check ep.0. I go over it.

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Its too long. @[email protected]

  • xXSYKOTACOXx 6 years ago

    whys the screen so zoomed out

  • Sharon Allison 6 years ago

    Best vid ever

  • logan searles 6 years ago

    You gave potential keep it up

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Its coming. 😉

  • Kyle sharpe 6 years ago

    Make a stone

  • xMBotx 6 years ago

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Mykale Kuneff 6 years ago

    What mods are you using

  • DaRebel18940 6 years ago

    th tree capitator mods only cut down trees the way it is if the tree is
    “floating” after the 1st wood is cut down

  • Duke Wikoli 6 years ago

    Mbot, try quickly finding iron and making an iron halberd or spear. They
    have extra range so you will not get hurt by mobs.

  • malcomb bell 6 years ago

    you have to add the axes to the config for treecapitator, a friend of mine
    also made a working version of connected destruction/block breaker (it has
    like 2 or 3 names lol) I’ll see if i can get you the link for that if
    you’re interested.