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  • Olivia Hopson 6 years ago


  • Kiersten Vignera 6 years ago

    Looking back on when this was still going on :)

  • joe eoj 6 years ago

    What the server ip

  • alicia zhang 6 years ago

    love this series! (btw, Mitty called your basement a dungeon)

  • nova prime 6 years ago


  • Estela Castro 6 years ago

    And she stooped her channel she does not upload minevraft much

  • Estela Castro 6 years ago

    Stoped her channel

  • Estela Castro 6 years ago

    They end it they don’t use it anymore. :(

  • Brieanna Greentree 6 years ago

    U should prank one of the girls by putting water in their house 😀 that
    would be so funny

  • Fresvinda Chue 6 years ago

    she is a werewolf of the night

  • Fresvinda Chue 6 years ago

    how about making a bed

  • Fresvinda Chue 6 years ago

    thats also a emergening place for mods in your house that will kill you

  • Op Moi 6 years ago

    Call your place mah crib

  • Saphiragirl743 6 years ago

    Please tell Mitty that the reason why there is a bunch of animals in her
    house is because she left the doors open!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandra Shah 6 years ago

    LOL “Annie found a dungeon, well like a creeper found it, BUT WHATEVER :3”

  • Karen Rice 6 years ago

    the bunny looks suprized

  • Adam Nock 6 years ago

    What is the server ip

  • bayden bollman 6 years ago


  • bayden bollman 6 years ago

    GET OL

  • bayden bollman 6 years ago


  • Claudia Jane Byrne 6 years ago

    Did anyone else see the pig wearing a dearth vader hat!?

  • NINJA.bRoS 6 years ago

    That’s a lot of turtles I mean sheep

  • Rosalie Verley 6 years ago

    My parents are devorced and they are still living together but my moms
    gonna move soon

  • Sharon Redmon 6 years ago

    How do u get the texter pack?

  • Amanda Jones 6 years ago

    What’s your usernames for Instagram