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  • JayRey Games 6 years ago

    cmon dude, i didnt come here to watch you walking around the nether for an

  • Bill Pack 6 years ago

    I wouldn’t say it’s pissing me off, but you probably should have figured
    out how to set up the smeltery and had lava *before* beginning a “tutorial”
    on the subject. If you haven’t done something before (which you say many
    times in this video), maybe don’t do a video on it? Do it once, then come
    back and make a real tutorial video on it.

  • t900HAWK 6 years ago

    he should use paper rods

  • FrincesaSCR 6 years ago

    there is no 1.6.2 or 1.6 it hasn’t updated to that yet

  • David K 6 years ago

    Hey Trev try DartCraft, it’s pretty easy and you can make sick tools like a
    pick that gives you two ingots when you mine one ore :) Oh and btw when is
    the server gonna restart?

  • TrevCraftPro - GTA Online 6 years ago


  • anicked1 6 years ago

    Does the 1000 sub thing apply to me?

  • tysonkoolbreeze 6 years ago

    TrevCraftPro could you make another tutorial because this one is hard to

  • CloanOps1 6 years ago

    Big sexy Trev 😀

  • Joseph Hirl 6 years ago

    Awesome video as always :)

  • jonathan gutierrez 6 years ago

    sorry like 1.5.2 or 1.6.x ? cuz i had that for 1.5.2 on some launcher

  • Steven Wang 6 years ago

    Tool rod it has 2 tought tool rods

  • aaron mcneeley 6 years ago

    Ok its pissing me off of all the misinformation your giving us

  • GamersofUniverse 6 years ago

    It’s a Nether city

  • CrazyGamer 6 years ago

    What do you mean?

  • Steven Wang 6 years ago

    Make a manelium cleaver with obsidian and paper toutgh

  • 360Nation 6 years ago


  • jonathan gutierrez 6 years ago


  • Steven Wang 6 years ago

    You Can smelt casts

  • Zertahh | Commentator 6 years ago

    Good video matee

  • jonathan gutierrez 6 years ago

    What update is that ?

  • Zohaib Mahmood 6 years ago

    Trevor click and drag in the crafting bench with more Than one item and it
    will spread out evenly

  • rex9141 6 years ago

    Hahaha This is your 69th Video 😉

  • BroomyCraft 6 years ago


  • Mr1980Jon 6 years ago

    All I can say about 50% of your construction of the smeltery….WRONG!
    Don’t need buttons at all and faucets go on the drains.