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  • Hat Films 5 years ago

    #Minecraft Hat Pack! @alsmiffy is inspired by the Wheels of Time, so we get

  • Josh Switch 5 years ago

    You guys are so sexy

  • Reggie land 5 years ago

    just so you know the nether is 8 times smaller than the overworld. so ten
    blocks in the nether is eighty in the overworld. x=40 and z=56 in the
    overworld is x=5 z=7 in the nether. or at least i think it is. you may need
    to move portals to match the ones in the nether perfectly to make the
    system more accurate (after you’ve traveled through one to create a twin in
    the nether go back and move it to the same coordinates but x8)

  • BrittoBabe 5 years ago

    …Neither Trott nor Smith got Ross’ amazing Game of Thrones joke?! That
    made me very sad. I loved it. “West to Ross!”

  • The DarthChief 5 years ago

    The way your going about this is backwards. You’re supposed to make two
    portals at the places you want to travel to in the over world and then find
    those two portals in the nether. It’s much easier that way.

  • WorJam 5 years ago

    Youtube didn’t show this is my subs box. I was scared for a minute…

  • PixelPablo 5 years ago

    Trotts PC is fucked from all the FILTHY sites you’ve been browsing

  • C:\ampbell 5 years ago

    Fucking sub box, missed this.

  • DrTimelord 5 years ago

    Right. So, traveling one block in the nether is the equivalent of traveling
    eight blocks in the overworld. So if you want to link a portal in the
    nether to a portal in the overworld, you need to put a portal down in the
    overworld, and before you light it, go into the nether and place a portal
    at whatever your overworld coords are, divided by eight. Y coords don’t
    really matter, X and Z are the important parts.

  • Arsenal22Fc22 5 years ago

    I was eating Pringles when Ross found that hat

  • Peregrine 5 years ago

    Please get into Applied Energistics.
    It will make the building of the theme park MUCH easier

  • Alex Farran Jones 5 years ago

    Hello if ur reading this ur amazing always remember that have good day

  • Lachlan Forbes 5 years ago


  • BlackHoleEyes 5 years ago

    Ah, the Wheel of Time. Such a masterwork of a series. MUCH better than Lord
    of the Rings. At least the books.
    Sanderson did a wondrous job finishing it after Jordan died. Really looking
    forward to Sanderson’s next books.

  • DarkSheep4 5 years ago

    Oh god, watching them try to math that whole time was awful. Why couldn’t
    they just build two portals to the nether in the overworld, in the
    positions they want to enter and exit from, and then just connect the two
    formed in the nether?

  • Dalton Spin 5 years ago

    When that Spider attacked Smith…. my tea came out of my fucking nose,
    Jesus Christ! Great Video Chaps!

  • Joshua Balt 5 years ago

    *sigh* they don’t even know advanced portal physics.

  • Hamish Lucas 5 years ago

    When will hat corp return? 

  • dh3min 5 years ago

    I definitely didn’t see that smith!

  • CuriousMoth 5 years ago

    It’s ashame Sjin isn’t in this series, or you could make a reference to
    Machin Sjin.

  • harley mclachlan 5 years ago

    lol west to ross

  • Tim Sandberg 5 years ago


  • Sierra Maniac 5 years ago

    Damn, what a cliffhanger.

  • Napoleonicus 5 years ago

    i know this is a month old video, and probably recorded even earlier, but
    you could measure distances between the portals using the coordinates from
    the map mod instead of manually counting it block by block. for diagonals,
    use pythagorean