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  • LeAmazingDeer 5 years ago

    Ross missed a villager on his rampage….I am disappointed.

  • TheM0bster 5 years ago

    Why didnt they just put the portals where they wanted them on the overwold
    and created a path between them in the nether? I mean theyre far enough
    apart for that to work

  • BreadWithAFez 5 years ago

    Colin x Ross

    I ship it.

  • MertsyUniverse 5 years ago

    Holy shit, someone animate that Colin thing pronto!

  • TheOdd101 5 years ago

    Can we have more of Colin please? I think he fits really well with the
    group, especially because he’s so Horny4Hornby.

  • Jakub Mašek 5 years ago

    I love how a single villager survived the genocide just by crouching in a
    corner whilst Ross was blind in his rampage and didn’t notice it :D

  • EODM07 5 years ago

    We will call this disaster that struck this Testificate Village.

    “The Rossening.”

  • BlablaShowen 5 years ago

    You can’t drink and watch hat films at the same time, the result is a wet
    computer screen. xD

  • Such Majestic 5 years ago

    I woulda paid £20 to watch this smiff, dunno about you

  • Ben Green 5 years ago

    “I don’t have a jet pack.”


  • Hat Films 5 years ago

    #Minecraft Hat Pack! @djh3max has breaking news, so he calls his journalist

  • JamieA242 5 years ago

    i wish i paid attention when they explained wtf they are trying to do with
    these nether portals.

  • Ewan Marmo Bissell 5 years ago

    I want the Hand of Truth to jerk me off

  • aaronbill3 5 years ago

    you guys missed the “.” in “1.7” in the title

  • Stroya 5 years ago

    The role-playing phone calls are always comedy gold :’D

  • BlackHoleEyes 5 years ago

    Poor Colin. Now they’re not just bashing the Flux Buddies, they’re also
    bashing their editor.

  • Carolyn Kruse 5 years ago

    The editing this video was hilarious. :)

  • Trizzle83be 5 years ago

    Is Ross making a giant vagina out of marble?

  • Glaex 5 years ago

    Does it matter where the portals are in the nether? Because if not,
    couldn’t they just build both portals in the overworld, and have the other
    two spawn in the nether?

  • Peregrine 5 years ago


  • Armageddon 5 years ago

    What’s the hat pack public server ip I want to join it 

  • Kâzúm Rah 5 years ago

    I love when they do this sort of thing, it’s just too funny!!1

  • Awesome Avocado 5 years ago

    Someone needs to animate that journalist call

  • LuigisPikachu 5 years ago

    How many hand twats are here? Raise your hands cultists.

  • Zavier Johnson 5 years ago

    Boner Juice needs to have a collab with Monster Cocks