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  • muztache mango 6 years ago


  • ImageFridge 6 years ago

    I am part of Team Vareide and I just want to say that this looks great keep
    up the good work. Apply for the team here TeamVareide[DOT]com

  • TheFreezeOne 6 years ago

    awesome cinematic !

  • Axianerve 6 years ago

    For sure bro, and congrats on getting the pop reel and 3k subscribers.

  • Jeracraft 6 years ago

    Your really good with these cinematics, still thank you on that last one
    you did on my map, I have another for you if you want, watch my last video,
    huge Arabic City which took me forever, its actually 5th on planet
    Minecraft “whats hot” I cant get shaders to work so if your interested feel
    free! Would love to see it =) Regards, Jeracraft

  • PepperDoctor21 6 years ago

    awesome job! perfect cinematic

  • “Taking a break from the channel due to work.” Lol Axian, you never
    disappoint do you

  • cheymon 6 years ago


  • RGCCgaming 6 years ago

    If only i could build like this o.0

  • Silly Goose 6 years ago

    Hello sir, I just found your channel a few minutes ago and are already
    blown away. Subbed. Liked. Nice

  • Its Agua 6 years ago

    This is is so amazing

  • JohanKJIP 6 years ago

    If you want to download the project you have to wait until we post it in 3
    or 4 days. Again, amazing cinematic! c:

  • Andjuicy 6 years ago

    Thanks for making this cinematic for us, we got 12th place because of you!

  • Mcfluffy Bubbles 6 years ago

    Would it be okay if I sent you a picture of this castle I built and you
    could tell me what could be improved? 😮