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  • BallLightning42 7 years ago

    Thanks! Got a new modern house video coming up? in a few days! 😀

  • BannerShackGraphics 7 years ago

    I love this texpack! Nice job with the vid.? :)

  • BallLightning42 7 years ago

    Yeah not to sure about those! Going to update to v10 of the shaders mod which should change them anyway. Hopefully for the next one we don’t have that issue 😛 Though it might be a bug with the? minema mod which slows down the game clock speed.

  • Haydenjacobsongames 7 years ago

    Nice! You have some awesome cinematics! Except? the trippy moving leaves. Were those part of the texture pack?

  • SeniorSlickBenny 7 years ago

    keep it up

  • It nice i love this texpack

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  • You started it !