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  • cookie man 6 years ago

    dose it work on 1.6.4?

  • danielgonzalezmier 6 years ago

    hey for minecraft the Tutorial you did to get it free i have a question can
    you download mods?

  • 기준 Robert 6 years ago

    haha it looks like the john smith texture pack

  • CroatCode 6 years ago

    Yeah it does xD

  • uguzman97 6 years ago

    do i have to download something just to join a server?

  • PeguinJuice 6 years ago

    croatcode can you do a updated video of how to get photoshop for free
    please thanks x

  • steven v 6 years ago


  • The Wumboligist Master 6 years ago

    Why are you reviewing it on Eronov Mansion?

  • CroatCode 6 years ago


  • CroatCode 6 years ago

    no, if you have paid minecraft you don’t. you just enter the ip

  • oOBorderHopper 6 years ago

    hey croat code, do you have any advices for getting a smaller dick my dick
    is too big and its messy 😀