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  • TehhhHaze 6 years ago

    Dat Trackpad do! Haha thanks I have been looking for this!

  • Karen Tran 6 years ago

    really better also I am pvping :)

  • GamingWithHc 6 years ago

    2000 views… damn guys, thanks for this many views! 😛

  • GamingWithHc 6 years ago

    Click the link I showed and it’ll have a download page ready. Click the
    download and save it. Simply just go and use it after.

  • EnderSquadRocky 6 years ago

    Were do you click to download? it taks me to a link and theirs all kinda
    stuffs that says to download.

  • GamingWithHc 6 years ago

    Wow the maker of the texture pack saw this… Thanks for the notice. I’ll
    get the new pack and make another review!

  • JSmedia01 6 years ago

    Thanks for the review, dude! I’ve updated the pack a lot more though. 😛

  • GamingWithHc 6 years ago

    I know… I’m getting a new computer in a few months, it’ll be better. And
    yes- I lag a lot.

  • PackerzMinecrafting 6 years ago

    You lag bad sob

  • iHasUberHacks 6 years ago

    Nice Jonah

  • GamingWithHc 6 years ago

    Did you enjoy the texture pack? 😛

  • MrMarcalec 6 years ago

    how can a resource pack help us in pvp?

  • GamingWithHc 6 years ago

    If it didn’t help you why are you watching this? We must have different
    opinions, people just enjoy certain particles, the fire doesn’t get in your
    face so you can actually fight when fire aspect is on you, and people like
    the PvP items.

  • The123abco 6 years ago

    Thx!! :)

  • The123abco 6 years ago

    Indeed. 😉