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  • Aryaan Khan 6 years ago

    I dont like the texture pack at all!!

  • SuperMadBoyHD 6 years ago

    Episode #6 Another 44 episodes to go :)

  • Shawn Cumber 6 years ago

    Hate the teturepack

  • Atadoesgaming 6 years ago

    Wouldn’t that mean billy bob and Timothy are gay

  • Journey Johnson 6 years ago

    Change it

  • Footmx93 6 years ago

    I like it

  • .:GreenPhoenixProj:. 6 years ago

    so billy bob and timmy are gay?

  • QUICKSI1VER20 6 years ago

    Lol le piss

  • Andrew Tran 6 years ago

    if you wanted to keep spiders and creepers away you could surround your
    house with water and make ladders to go on top of your house to shoot them
    with arrows

  • Mikus Lacis 6 years ago

    yes change it 

  • gaminglegend707 6 years ago

    If anyone is wondering what video he showed the seed its in episode 2

  • jake tanner 6 years ago

    Change texture pack

  • Zach Wilson 6 years ago

    My name is Timothy

  • revz novz 6 years ago

    Change tecccsosure pack

  • Joe Nille 6 years ago

    After it went dark when you mined the few gold blocks you had missed one or
    two more when you blocked it up. Don’t think it matters now but thought you
    should know!

  • Tammy Lauzon 6 years ago

    you can mine lapius with a stone picaxe

  • YamoSanos 6 years ago

    Which video does he tell you the seed?

  • Ciaran Phillips 6 years ago

    Go back to normal texture pack

  • dominic lang 6 years ago

    Change the texture

  • XxTHEKILLERxX80 6 years ago

    i found 2 places where iron last episode how did u not see that!!!!!??????

  • Lance Engstrom 6 years ago

    change it

  • Teresa Reed 6 years ago

    I like the tex pack

  • DarkTurtle0000 6 years ago

    Saphax tea tyre pack

  • jed morrissey 6 years ago


  • TheBoysCJ 6 years ago

    change the texture pack