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  • Reckless Yuki 5 years ago

    Never playing on the console again. PC Minecraft is where it’s at.

  • SaeKo 5 years ago

    *A lone tear runs down my cheek* “This is beautiful”. I’m getting a better
    PC soon and I cant wait to hit up 4K. Got a 4K monitor then found out my
    shitty PC cant handle 4k textures…

  • MaTtRoSiTy 5 years ago

    I really don’t get Minecraft… just…why?!!

  • Frannts bruh 5 years ago

    oh god this looks amazing

  • John Zarbib 5 years ago

    Can someone pls tell me if i can run the same setup he is using with my
    build? Thanks in advance.
    i5 4570
    GTX 970 MSI twin frozr V
    8gb 1866 mhz cl10 ram
    (I also plan on playing other high End games)

  • hendrik visch 5 years ago

    You’re probabbly one of few that actually often responds to comments ;o

    I should be able to run these aswel. Not on 4K though, as my GPU would
    struggle. Atleast on the (self put together) rig that i wish to buy :3
    Lemme lay out the specs for you :)

    MOBO: ASRock 990FX Extreme9 AM3+
    CPU: AMD 8320 3.5 GHZ (4.0 GHZ turbo boost) AM3+ Vishera 8 cores
    GPU:Asus R 290
    RAM: GeIL 16 GB 1866
    PSU: Antec 700 watt (hope it’s enough..)
    OS: Win 8.1 (exluded as i have it myself)
    Optical drive: None. I have an external one incase i need to reinstal
    windows. Other than that i use steam :)

    I think something got a little more expensive. as it used to me around €970
    and now it’s at €996. But well, I’m far from over. As i plan to put a
    500GB SSD in there.

    But, since i struggle to find a decent job it’s hard to gain money as i am
    broke now :l
    I’m really urging to make YT vids myself but my current junk can’t handle

    Acer even pulled it of their website.

    Acer Aspire x1920 If I remember it well,

    CPU: Dual core 3.20 GHZ
    CPU Geforce 405 (ovrtclocking is hard on this one..)
    Ram: 4 GB

    All I know..

    They also impleid the memory Clock of that GPU should be able to get to
    2200. I tried that. At around 1700-1800 I just got artifacts and what not
    in my screen and it kinda froze.

    Oh, Btw, I also use Chromahills! I used SK aswel, but when i use them both
    MC gets all Laggy and stuff :l But yeah, i got a really really bad rig for
    gaming. For editing it does it’s job rather well. So i plan to use that to
    edit, and to use as an capture device for my new PC, once i get enough
    money :)

  • Sillyjake 5 years ago

    Yuki, I envy you and you just earned a sub.

  • Biplav Shrestha 5 years ago

    Minecraft makes me wanna vomit. I would probably play it if it didn’t.

  • Kaka Kakapo 5 years ago

    Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
    MSI B85M GAMING Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
    Corsair 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1333 Memory
    MSI Radeon R9 290 4GB TWIN FROZR

    wondering how high the fps could get with these shaders/mods/texture packs
    with this setup^^^
    i havent bought it yet so i cant try it out myself

  • Rice Cooker 5 years ago

    My PC would blow up if i used those mods….

  • ThreeDaysOfDan 5 years ago

    Looks like 3d dot hero’s on the ps3..

  • Kirjiel K 5 years ago

    Guys I run these mods at 1080p on my laptop at 80fps.. Yes you need a
    pretty powerful PC but not so much, unless you run it at 4k.

  • damian thegamingteacher 5 years ago

    Well a videodard is nice but this is so intense i don’t think my gtx 970
    would be able to do this

  • Henry Xiong 5 years ago

    ‘No light’ this is ‘glow stone’. ‘No light’-‘glow stone’ ‘glow stone’-‘No

  • Xerath The Magus Ascendant 5 years ago

    +Reckless Yuki Hey I would want to ask what you think about the Razer
    Blackwidow Ultimate. Have you tested it or do you know somebody that has
    the Keyboard already and If you would recommend it.

  • jdgonzo1982 5 years ago

    it looks gorgeous…nice work :) you’ve inspired me to reinstall it and
    give these mods a go…thanks for sharing :)

  • jimmyjackz 5 years ago

    Just Master Race things!

  • BIGSLAM21 5 years ago

    Wow PC minecraft compared to console looks way better

  • roma kozlovsky 5 years ago

    whats your job

  • Lee Ecat 5 years ago

    This looks so amazing *_*

    I’m thinking of building this system soon, do you think it would be able to
    run shaders well?

    CPU: AMD Athlon X4 750K (thinking of OC’ing)
    GPU: MSI Radeon R9 270X
    RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance
    PSU: Corsair CX500

  • jdgonzo1982 5 years ago

    can you please tell me how to use more than one texture pack/shader at a
    time? I’m really trying hard to recreate this look and I’m struggling…so

  • Yadimom82 5 years ago

    That looks so cool

  • Abdulla alkhatri 5 years ago

    Specs Please

  • josh koh 5 years ago

    Lol dat cow face tho

  • Im totally getting that texture pack. ;)