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  • joost simons 6 years ago

    the seed for the End is 1.7.2 is 4,
    it”s realy working

  • Grendel Wolf 6 years ago

    Why is it that none of your seeds work for 1.7.2?
    And yes I am using version 1.7.2

  • 900bot 6 years ago

    LOl the first library had a chest in it

  • caitlinpalmer39 6 years ago

    Hey Magnitic, I found a great 1.7.2 seed you should check out! ^_^ Its
    -379803264276927191 on Large Biomes. You spawn in a MASSIVE Mega Taiga and
    theres a Spider Spawner at x: 80 y: 50 z: 2 with a saddle and music discs.
    Still looking for other structures and stuff though… great seed! :D

  • tj detwiler 6 years ago

    Chest in the library

  • Brett Christensen 6 years ago

    i spawned in a forest

  • Hunter Kovel 6 years ago

    I saw a chest in library 

  • Snidget AsIfItIs Wolf 6 years ago

    The RAREST landmark in Minecraft:
    A naturally generated Desertwell! (not a village well, a 1 wide by one
    wide… not sure how deep….)
    One is RIGHT IN FRONT OF this noob at 1:26, JUST below the crosshare!!!

  • chell jhonson 6 years ago

    i know taht
    the same venturinatle founded the dungeon to the ender world

  • MrZombie979 6 years ago

    Like This #rageface 

  • Get Owned Brah1 6 years ago


  • Bobby Meijer 6 years ago


  • Jacob Wrobel 6 years ago

    How do you do that thing when you look at a block and it goes in your

  • The Mysterious Man Of Cheese 6 years ago

    also not that far from the dungeon/stronghold

  • Kaustubh Raghavan 6 years ago

    I spawned near a jungle biome 

  • Gabrijel Cerc 6 years ago

    there is no wood!

  • dylan baires 6 years ago

    Pause at 4:10 exactly he missed chest

  • MrYipiyiyo 6 years ago

    Snidget your a joke. Your calling him a noob but the wells aren’t rare at

  • travis marsh 6 years ago

    you missed a chest

  • Eddie Yakin 6 years ago

    this is not a good survival seed because there is no wood

  • BuseGues22 6 years ago


  • Daphne Seffelaar 6 years ago

    i found a chest with diamonds in the stronghold

  • Sebastian Welke-Olmos 6 years ago

    Lol try this in 1.7.2

  • leo Shellfish 6 years ago

    club penguin fucking suck bitch

  • LuigiFanCoolizo CP 6 years ago

    Are Libraries rare?