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  • TheLittleHybrid 6 years ago

    Hey people ive started to make a minecraft skyrim adventure series so if u
    are interested the videos are on my channel and thanks for taking the time
    to read this msg.

  • elyisgreat2 6 years ago

    the terrain is like a mesa biome…

  • Bob Johnson 6 years ago

    Did anyone see the sign at 2:55 that said “Deliver to 1.7”?

  • Mauro Piera Juandó 6 years ago

    LOL the mesa biome

  • Miloš Jokić 6 years ago

    3:12 WTF? I got scared!!!!!!!!!!

  • jose Guzman 6 years ago


  • Douglas Câmara 6 years ago

    1.7 Trailer PLEASE!!!

  • The Locks Games 6 years ago

    well done, very informative and interesting

  • omri2113 6 years ago


  • SorakuFett 6 years ago

    So… When’s the 1.7 trailer coming out?

  • Tereza Sedláčková 6 years ago


  • jorge adrian rosas vera 6 years ago

    Lol hay bales, new sounds, coal block and other things where added in
    minecraft pocket edition at 0.8.0

  • Maliks Girl 6 years ago

    uuuu trailer

  • RainDolphinBow 6 years ago

    1.7 trailer? (please) :)

  • Derby Harrington 6 years ago

    is this real?

  • Parodii Jocuri 6 years ago

    two new subs

  • egr1322 6 years ago

    ^_^ I’m from Rossia!

  • Скромная пещерка Virtusa:3 6 years ago

    Бля пзц все англичани и я один русский я вас не понимаю а вы меня)

  • TheSlothGirl11 6 years ago

    The farlanders just got another new sub

  • MyStylesAreYoung 6 years ago

    Boom!!! REMOVED HEROBRINE!!! How funny!!!

  • MENDIGUIM 6 years ago

    nope,but he can see the future!

  • Twoglittergirls yay 6 years ago

    How bout this on xbox????

  • MCWizard996 6 years ago

    Lol Herobrine is a bandit!

  • Pitshkyne 6 years ago

    Franchement, c’est bien foutu! gg :)

  • Finn Yagami 6 years ago

    Wait! The Mesa biome is not from Minecraft 1.6.3?