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  • DaBossPVP 6 years ago

    This pack is a god.

  • DanyellFerda 6 years ago

    it would be nice if we could actually hear what you are saying…

  • Darius Thompson 6 years ago

    You horse beater!

  • Vanessa Parkinson 6 years ago


  • Omg It's Squishy!!! 6 years ago

    turn the music down

  • MineSharing 6 years ago

    Yes, sometimes he uses this.

  • VenomousVisionz 6 years ago

    to loud

  • seamus dempster 6 years ago

    No, Keralis uses Flow’s HD.

  • Jorge Nacho 6 years ago


  • KayCinMC 6 years ago

    Stan SB – Let This Go 😉

  • pascal7288 6 years ago

    Let this go – Stan SB

  • Jasper Bloomfield 6 years ago

    keralis has i.6 hd flow

  • Zohir Ali 6 years ago

    Awesome texture pack dude

  • HaN kEy 6 years ago

    Whats the Name of the Song ?

  • Charlie Goodwin 6 years ago


  • MineSharing 6 years ago

    Can’t remember the name but got it from incompetech com /music/
    royalty-free/‎ There’s a lot of cool tunes on there all copyright free!

  • RandomRainbowA 6 years ago

    And.. you bitch leave the horses xD Jk x

  • MultiRageHD 6 years ago

    Hey dude nice vid do you think me and you can do a vid? im 11 so idk if u
    would want to but iv got 5 subs, Skype. Multi_Rage Thank you for your time.☺

  • RandomRainbowA 6 years ago

    Amazing texture pack I’m gonna get it very smooth only thing I don’t like
    is the water but still great!

  • MaGiiK PROdiG 6 years ago

    does it cost money?

  • MineSharing 6 years ago

    Sure hit me up on skype iitzharris