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  • SupChrisHD 7 years ago

    hey guys please check out my channel, my dream is to get partnered, but its hard getting seen on youtube, if i got partnered i would donate and hold contests for everyone so please check out my channel and subscribe if you like what you see

  • MickiTheSeriousGamer 7 years ago

    maan, that hydra kicked your ass 😀

  • IamZombiiee Apo 7 years ago

    Anderz always worry about himself, stupid sweedish guy. Unsuscribe!!!!!

  • Edward Gaddfree 7 years ago

    It is a long way away but I suggest trying to go for a gravi-chestplate. It is better than the quantom chestplate and allows you to fly like you are in creative. Also, it acts like a lappack where it recharges your electronic tools. It can store 10,000,000 eu.

  • JaredSVX 7 years ago

    Anderz make the nuke and bring it to the Hydra as a present…THEN DESTROY HIM WITH IT MUAHAHAHAHAH

  • Jus275 7 years ago

    No, why would I wan’t it to be shown? They deserve their privacy lol

  • DDTPE 7 years ago

    How do you use those boots to make you jump like hulk Anderz?

  • ImAnderZEL 7 years ago

    thanks :)

  • ImAnderZEL 7 years ago

    no they do give protection but not even close to what diamond armoure with protecton enchantments give :)

  • ImAnderZEL 7 years ago

    yes ofc :)

  • Simm Treiber 7 years ago

    Can you please do more of these type videos?
    (Twilight forest exploring with Beef, and Pause).

  • Tuclaure 7 years ago

    anderz i think the reason you died so fast is because from what i understand about quantumn armor is that the parts of the suit like boots helmet and pants give no protection but the chest peice gives almost 100% protection mabye im wrong and they changed it or something hopefully this helps so you dont get slaughterd in the future

  • ifktobias1 7 years ago

    Happy birthday ANDERZ!!!!! 13 january FTW!

  • Berkeley119 7 years ago

    Wish there was a server like this because no one steals from each other or destroys another’s property… Well they don’t steal most of the time

  • TwinightPrawn98 7 years ago

    Damn i wish i was on mindcrack it looks so fun

  • WumboCorp 7 years ago

    I’m looking for some feedback on my videos, and advice on how I can improve them and my channel overall. I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to watch one of my videos and tell me what you think, and how I could do better. Thank you for your time.

  • VUKCAR22 7 years ago

    Im really happy that anderz is geting good views on these videos even do i dont watch em i like em :)

  • Gustav Nilson 7 years ago

    The server is white-listed or what its called so even if you have the ip you wont be able to join, they will have to “accept” you first

  • ImAnderZEL 7 years ago

    ya i did 😛

  • ICortyeI 7 years ago

    what do you want the IP for? join them? Good luck pall, you with 10.000 others. please Think before you comment.

  • zombiemonkeykiller86 7 years ago

    did you not want the IP to be shown?

  • iNinja73 7 years ago

    Awesome episode Anderz! Twilight forest!!!

  • michael holloman 7 years ago

    and said he dont need a yet pack

  • michael holloman 7 years ago

    was it just me or did he say he yump liked the hulk lol