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  • Dimitar Marinov 6 years ago

    Dude…that texture pack…damn

  • Kuyan Drylie 6 years ago


  • JD KQ 6 years ago

    What texture is this

  • JITCY9107 6 years ago

    That texture pack is beautiful. Now I have reason to play minecraft again.
    And maybe download pixelmon.

  • Nicholas Darmawan 6 years ago

    Is this mods in the left4dead one not the minecraft because I know that is
    shaders mod

  • Airkiller99 6 years ago

    If I tried to put that texture pack on my minecraft, my computer would
    explode :/

  • Megan Parker 6 years ago

    Lol your so fcking goofy! <3!

  • Ethan Hogue 6 years ago

    Hugebull’s laugh is the best XD

  • mariuskylle 6 years ago

    The water texture is nice!

  • Robert Culver 6 years ago

    i epic house frankie thums up

  • Louis Wheeldon 6 years ago

    What l4d2 textures r u using?

  • jenny garcia 6 years ago

    I have a minecraft sow please add my said in you videos

  • David Knight 6 years ago

    what texure pack are you using

  • Franky Split 6 years ago

    you got some weak ass graphics faggot, lol

  • Andy Smith 6 years ago

    cool map bro

  • Lauritz poder 6 years ago

    i have the Dead-Pool mod for l4d2 too

  • Huge Bull 6 years ago

    Aww… I would have, but my PC is currently somewhere in the North Sea :)

  • Jordan Ludford 6 years ago

    That Irishman’s mental!

  • Jur Bergs 6 years ago

    It’s a mudkip!!

  • joe metcalfe 6 years ago

    this is crazy!

  • joe metcalfe 6 years ago

    ahyea right

  • KingEdgeHead 6 years ago

    I miss hugebull so much, I hope frankie does some more vids with him again.

  • Masky Totheark 6 years ago

    Deadpool,alice and mudkip

  • TheDwarfsomeAwsome 6 years ago

    IDK it would fit the occasion though wouldn’t it….

  • TheDwarfsomeAwsome 6 years ago

    Dude if I was running this texture pack there would be an error. “ERROR:
    Your PC has exploded.”