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  • jahni09ja 6 years ago

    i played in this arena on guildcraft

  • Madison Mcreadey 6 years ago

    She wont be cooked enymore lol 

  • Ana Ramos 6 years ago

    Haha Blue_Lapida keeps putting bounty on joey every 10 seconds

  • ashley guerra 6 years ago

    YOU HAD 9 golden apples!!!!! REALLY

  • Louis Maes 6 years ago

    CINEMA, Stacy, CI-NE-MA!

  • NAILA RIVERA 6 years ago

    stacy cobblestone axe is better than a wooden sword

  • brunettebeauty2413 6 years ago


  • Adam Carr 6 years ago

    what texture pack is she using ?

  • Chelsea Patty 6 years ago


  • Karley Nicole Brown 6 years ago

    Anyone know what texture pack she’s using? 

  • trexbattle 6 years ago


  • Rene Hupfer 6 years ago

    Is coke ok?

  • Nicole Miller 6 years ago

    Why does his sexuality matter?

  • Ashlyn Kamauoha 6 years ago

    me too! haha

  • weemick9 6 years ago

    15:16 hahaha Stacy

  • Cchick955 6 years ago

    did you die when Joey started to meow.. Cause i died

  • TengagedHungerGames 6 years ago

    STACY!! I LOVE YOU <3 “I died” your literally the best at staying it 😀

  • TengagedHungerGames 6 years ago

    she is litterally the best at saying that!!

  • Jason Paris 6 years ago


  • bouty111222333 6 years ago

    I love the boxcar children

  • cattaylor246 6 years ago


  • Jennelle Montero 6 years ago

    Well, I’m 13 and I know what boxcar children are…

  • Sergio Amorim 6 years ago

    The building says Cimena… Not Cacina… and Its CrookedNosedBird, not
    Cooked Noodles… It really bothers me when they mispronounce words… but
    im also ok with it its actually kinda cute… but it still bothers me a
    little bit… its ok tho

  • Ariana Gracia 6 years ago

    hey can you go walking up to a cliff fall break your legs and arms and hope
    for the best

  • Bluemonkey5566 6 years ago

    I know what the box car children are and in 11