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  • Kelson Mcquade 6 years ago

    First of all amazing work on both maps. Second can we get a download for
    the skyrim map. They both look perfect for the served I have (I’m going for
    as much realism as possible)

  • Bryce Surgenor 6 years ago

    jamzi I need a link for the world machine download or do you buy it?

  • VXGaming365 6 years ago

    Hey, I know it sounds insane, but imagine if you added The Blackreach Chasm!

  • thehoodedclaw93 6 years ago

    awesome 😀

  • iPixel 6 years ago

    Apparently the PMC mods are making an exception for this build. They’ve
    removed all World Machine made maps on PMC except for yours. Doesn’t seem
    too fair…

  • AlbionMondlicht 6 years ago

    about a year ago i tried to create a 1:1 scale minecraft skyrim map and ran
    into similar problems… My computer cant handle the 64+ chunk view
    distance so that was an issue of course but the other one was height – just
    didnt work out. I then edited the heightmap i worked with in photoshop and
    changed the b/w curves, so the valley around whiterun would be flat but the
    mountains would be still as steep as they were. i can give u the
    heightmaps, still got them somewhere, if needed

  • 0liverwarren 6 years ago

    Jamziboy, are the features you talk about in this game out yet?
    Specifically I mean the ‘50% of blocks are this, 50% of blocks are that,
    between these height layers’, and ‘blocks above 47 degrees are stone, above
    x degrees are dark stone’. I can’t find those features in my world painter

  • Benedict O'Flaherty 6 years ago

    Who cares

  • r0bz0r101 6 years ago

    I like your work. You seem to focus on topology, but what about
    playability? As in resource distribution, etc.

  • shasjas 6 years ago

    I disagree. if the world is full of spikes and arches, they wont be as
    special as if they are mixed in with more real terrain. i also think that
    realistic terrain looks really nice.

  • Emytherian 6 years ago

    make a tuturial for world machine

  • eLemonnader 6 years ago

    How do you install the texture pack?

  • MyLittleLie 6 years ago

    Maybe do a tutorial on how you make your realistic maps, start to finish.
    (A tutorial series?). You mentioned angles on your snow, but is it a layer,
    a terrain type, what settings did you use, etc. Love your map style though!
    I hope to be able to make maps this nice some day.

  • Theburninbeaver 6 years ago

    That skyrim map best be a download. I was looking to get one. I mean the
    whole skyrim land. not just a section. The ENTIRE thing lol thanks :)

  • Finn van der Heide 6 years ago

    This is what I call a nice comeback! Great work James and keep it coming!

  • NightCore216 6 years ago

    so what program is it that lets you take area’s out of other games and put
    them in minecraft?

  • Bentley Archer 6 years ago

    This is great

  • Asbestosis 6 years ago

    are there any ore deposits?

  • Pirotitan 6 years ago

    Jamz; could you try using a mod for the materials in the landscape? The mod
    I had in mind was Terra Firma Craft, which I understand might be a bit of
    suicide to try to use manually for landscapes, but I think that if it was
    possible it would allow for things like granite cliffs and basalt oceanic
    shelf, which would be awesome.

  • nathan blick 6 years ago

    make some skyrim based builds

  • titanicdbog 6 years ago

    do you compress the fricken video or is youtube doing this?

  • Jamziboy 6 years ago

    No thats what the problem is – it works fine on normal maps, but if you
    import a PNG heightmap it doesn’t have enough data to support the smooth
    snow, i have spoken to captain chaos about it, and he says he might be able
    to fix this later on =]

  • DarkJamesVideos 6 years ago

    Where can we get the Skyrim Height Map?! xD kidding~, Also, I find this map
    quite nice, altough, some of the stone does end quite abruptly on the shore
    mountains~, you should use the stone with grass mountains and hills
    aswells, not just with snowy mountains. It gives off a nice foot hill

  • Peter Bohus 6 years ago

    what is the texturepack?

  • salmonnapkinsoldier 6 years ago

    Oh! And you can use the ‘Frost’ layer for smooth snow. It looks as if you
    only make use of the snowblock. All the best, Salmon