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  • Orepros 6 years ago

    4 million views, :OO
    You guys rock! :D

  • Tdog redman 6 years ago

    A Camera?

  • Tahj Mllory-jones 6 years ago

    lol it would suck if the one where he found diamonds happend foreal

  • Brianna Hall 6 years ago

    if herobrine caught each others fammily

  • If notch was a girl 

  • DiamondCrafter 6 years ago

    If Herobine was drunk

  • marek robak 6 years ago

    If Notch was rude and Herobrain kind

  • Jana Neirynck 6 years ago

    if herobrine had a girlfriend

  • SwedishPixelMiners 6 years ago

    If Herobrine was angry at creepers.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

  • mona austria 6 years ago

    If minecraft was canceled plz do

  • Mona Meged 6 years ago

    Try making a creeper nice and steav bad

  • Mouhaned Derbal 6 years ago

    If herobrine ride the ender dragon with an army of endermen , zombies vs
    noch and steve with an army of iron golrms ,snowgolems,dogs….

  • Jason. L.O 6 years ago

    Do when herobrine made a minecraft animation 

  • Tracy Vitale 6 years ago

    what if wolfs tamed players

  • YoungCrumb 6 years ago

    If Minecraft had guns

  • epicblaze151 6 years ago

    if creepers had fellings

  • Kemp Foster 6 years ago

    if notch didn’t exists

  • TheCoolGamerBros 6 years ago

    If Notch lost his memory.

  • xxRobijntjesxx GameWorld 6 years ago

    the music is just so funny >.<

  • Maggie Cepeda 6 years ago

    If Notch had lost his memory or if Herobrine foind Notch’s family and Notch
    found Herobrine’s family

  • Rachel Holland 6 years ago

    if herobrine was notch

  • Raven trigon 6 years ago

    If all minecraft players killed herobrine 

  • Araceli B. 6 years ago

    herobrine is so nice and dumb

  • Samana Titanice 6 years ago

    If Herobrine cloned himself.

  • Ashton Keohavong 6 years ago

    If herobrine made minecraft