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  • NoaNation 6 years ago

    does not work

  • ollie peacock 6 years ago

    What do u use to record and of I want to do it quicker or can’t find the
    library folder open up your mimecraft go to the menu and find resource
    packs then open the resource pack folder and drag and drop the folder into

  • The Xaren 6 years ago

    LoL good :)

  • JhoseGaymer 6 years ago


  • MirriOwner 6 years ago

    gg virus

  • FãVenom Gonçalves 6 years ago

    faz uma abertura melhor!!

  • Roland Turner II 6 years ago

    All the fucking resource packs sucks monkey balls

  • Michael Hansen 6 years ago

    1400th sub :)

  • ItzByChaoticHD 6 years ago


  • Jack Mullay 6 years ago

    that helped thx dood

  • techzone13 6 years ago

    What Is The command Key?

  • El Gringo 6 years ago

    That’s not how youtube works…

  • TheGamingRehab 6 years ago

    Drag it into Resource packs, not texture packs, my bad.

  • KitKat3422 6 years ago

    my minecraft wont let me do that i tried with like 10 xtray packs… what
    is going on did i mess up my MC or something?

  • LoyalSub 6 years ago

    New video! 😀

  • TheSupercraft88 6 years ago

    What server were you on?

  • KinimodProductions 6 years ago

    2 and a half stacks of diamonds thx bro.

  • NumperTV 6 years ago

    Bäm best man in the world ! 😀 56 diamonds (and bann) 😀

  • VivzStudioSs 6 years ago

    I subscribed sub me back