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  • FalseSymmetry 5 years ago

    Squishy intro is squishy xD

  • HD_inmemoriam 5 years ago

    Face cam or not, I’ve really come to enjoy your videos very much.

  • ArcherOnSkis 5 years ago

    You should do a collab with Etho!

  • FalseSymmetry 5 years ago

    NEW Hermitcraft Amplified | This Episode we work on some sheep pens :3

  • nir boom 5 years ago

    and… SUB FOR YOU!

  • Smashur 5 years ago

    Congrats on 35K subs!

  • WriteEscape 5 years ago

    I wont feel sheepish about this comment, but great work on the Pens!

  • McKracken 5 years ago

    +FalseSymmetry You seem to have a zombie sheperd! 😀 Cyanese twins! Lol!

  • Remuko 5 years ago

    nerveracking? You silly sheep =) You are a nice young lady False!
    Awesome work on the sheepy pens False.. I heard you had some trouble with
    them yesterday ;)

  • IceMetalPunk 5 years ago

    Er, False…you said you were breeding these sheep, so those two were
    likely not… “wrestling”, per se…

  • xxiLollyxx 5 years ago

    False, could you do us all a favour? Could you please go to Mumbo’s base
    and fix that dirt block he placed next to his chicken farm for us? 😀 lol,
    please! 😉

  • Michael kaster 5 years ago

    im pretty sure the intro is messed up….

  • Mentor Bytyqi 5 years ago

    I don’t get how you come up with these ideas i really struggle playing
    MC because i don’t have inspiration.. But yeah great video!

  • Ole Gambli 5 years ago

    Something is wrong with the intro D:

  • John David Gray 5 years ago

    The see-through part… almost seems too vertical (not necessarily bad) and
    too limited for the view. But that could just be me?

    Perhaps go with the sloped design? or double sloped (bottom and top slopped
    perpendicular to each other).

    Edit: floor color idea – naturally keep the colors as is. The white/light
    gray/gray/black sheep: either smaller room (one less row each side) at
    bottom or two rows of white and two rows of black?

  • EpicGuyJC 5 years ago

    Intro has letterboxes 

  • Joshua Barlass 5 years ago

    “…ever so much…” Fuck me, are you Xisuma’s sister or something. :l

  • Elemeno 5 years ago


    It says your Twitter account is suspended. What happened? Did you make a
    new one? If so can you tell me what it is? Thanks!

  • N1NJA_OWNED 5 years ago

    CSP’s are where it’s at mate.. I think +Sl1pg8r – Minecraft, Mods, and MOAR! would
    agree with me ;)

  • Matthew Kurtz 5 years ago

    Make a CSP check slips channel the CSP is perfect love ur vids :)

  • PanDan13l 5 years ago

    More facecam ;p

  • Ichiyama Rokukame 5 years ago

    I admit that I haven’t watched a lot of your videos, but I do love this one
    to death. The design looks kind of like Greek to me, Greek/Roman I suppose,
    since both groups were known for open spaces and nature being incorporated
    into the designs, lol.

  • gamertime 5 years ago

    Tnx false for the vidio yesterday with the q and a that answerd my relly
    dumb question with the sky texture , iv always liked the clouds and i
    thought it was a cloud texture. Yes yes stupid me.. so i found the pack and
    then i looked on my options and found out my custom sky were off.. also
    this comment might give anysense anymore XD buuuut its a thank you msg…

  • Joshua Tahanlangit 5 years ago

    Is it me or can I hear you breathe? It’s a bit uncomfortable, but I’m fine
    with it.

  • Ben Hood 5 years ago

    On the intro 305 has turned into 4:305
    For anyone wondering the music is called 305