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  • Denver William 5 years ago

    Normal is better in my opinion. Large has always been too large, and a lot
    gets cut off for us when you use it, I think.

  • Jorrit Tyberghein 5 years ago

    Tip. Don’t forget about the activity probe. You can put that in a dimension
    to prevent it consuming power when it is not loaded.

  • Jorrit Tyberghein 5 years ago

    Very nice way to automate the liquid absorber. Well done!

  • Jorrit Tyberghein 5 years ago

    BTW, I took the liberty of sharing this video with my followers on twitter
    as it is a good demonstration on how to use the dimlet workbench for
    creating a custom dimension.

  • Ako the Builder 5 years ago
  • abhomination 5 years ago

    Ako i am subbed to a lot of big channels for minecraft and i have to say
    you get so much more done in your videos and so us how its done and why you
    did it that way better then all other.. Keep up the great work.

  • Sverd 5 years ago

    I love the UI Ako, please keep it at that size!

    I have had trouble with quite clear glass earlier, witches kept escaping. I
    usually do your cages from DW20 series now.

    Just a small note, I made the tier 6 blood orb with a full tier 6 altar
    with sacrifice runes and 12 witches. It kept up and managed to fill it with
    200k blood.

  • ste reeves 5 years ago

    nice vid ako you are getting like a old mate now ako see you everday keep
    it up mate :))

  • Jocke Lindberg 5 years ago

    Normal gui is great Ako, keep up your awsome work! Without a doubt the
    first channel I look for new content on, as abhomination already posted,
    you are the one bringing the best content out there at the moment, in my
    humble opinion.

  • Per Hammar 5 years ago

    Huge loike for this series. Have a nice weekend, mate. I’m now watching
    Luis (WTFGeek) as well, this is all your fault.

  • jameskn 5 years ago

    great vid ako :) looking fancy

  • CreeperDeLux 5 years ago

    I love that barely any people on Ako’s videos say first/second.

  • Louis Renz 5 years ago

    everybody share this channel amazing videos + entertaining commentary.

  • Patric Alexandre 5 years ago

    If you want to be fancy, craft a Black Hole Band (from Botania, cause
    Vazkii steals his own codes :p), that functions like the /dev/null
    And keep the GUI size, now the Draconic tools don’t eat up the screen

  • Fobbek 5 years ago

    Keep the smaller GUI, looks great.
    Great video as always

  • Garjon 5 years ago

    UI looks more natural; always wondered why you had it large.Since you have
    Botania, I’d also setup a /dev/null for dirt, since you can make a rod of
    the lands for the dirt you need.

  • Pontus Karlsson 5 years ago

    Yes keap the smal GUI

  • djmulder 5 years ago

    Woo 1.4.0 has the new Botania .. you should check out the Manaseer monocle
    and look at some plants. It’s awesome! … for some reason I couldn’t get
    1.4.0 running properly.. it started lagging out my server and randomly
    crashing. but looking at you running it perfectly, I think I did something

  • DRoantree 5 years ago

    Defo normal size. Always missing the edges when you have it on large. Your
    just too big Ako!! :)

  • Zachmunzter 5 years ago

    I actually prefer smaller GUI, looks nicer and you can see more of the game
    as well as more of the NEI.

  • Louis Renz 5 years ago

    You are like the only one that actually reads all the comments :) And
    replies !
    Thank You

  • Jackson Cupp 5 years ago

    You need a their 5 alter to use the archmages blood orb. That’s why you
    weren’t getting the blood. 

  • Mad SpacePig 5 years ago

    Ako, so you know, you don’t have to use jailers nets every time you move
    the witches, once they have been in a jailers net once they will never
    de-spawn ever, you can use normal nets after that.Thought I’d save you some
    Iron Bars.

  • Gentlebear 5 years ago

    Good episode :-) Like the GUI-size.

  • jotoho2 5 years ago

    A Tier 5 Orb needs a Tier 5 Altar to be filled!