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  • Mineasaur 5 years ago

    THE BLOOD PACK HAS BEEN RELEASED!! #minecraft #pvp

  • FriPhiX | Le Loup-Garou FOU ! 5 years ago

    This pack … ❤

  • Mineasaur 5 years ago

    200+ Likes Ty Guys So Much!

  • Jacketty Jackk 5 years ago

    I love this thank you sooo much!

  • AnsonCX 5 years ago

    Awesome pack release !! Download it ! :))

  • aRtNn_ new channel | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD0TsjbLYb2OeYa2IX6FfEQ 5 years ago


  • deaNOSthenus 5 years ago

    Hi whoever will read this. Just wondering, in the custom resource pack that
    I’m currently making, I have high fire. I was just curious if anyone knows
    how to change this to low fire?

  • BogPond 5 years ago

    I want to buy a custom pack but your shop only has the red pack :/

  • Connor Burnham 5 years ago

    lol i just realized you dont showcase the bow xD

  • EverStayZ {PvP Nexus-Team} 5 years ago

    THE pack of minecraft ! :D

  • JakeFunCraft FTW 5 years ago

    I hope to see a galaxy pack one day :)

  • ZachGames13 5 years ago

    Why are people so bad at pvp on that server? xD

  • Modieun 5 years ago

    Subbed I <3 your Texture Pack’s / Resource Packs I Hope You Do Well In
    You’re Courier and Success in your Endeavors!

  • Nico Patrick 5 years ago

    Thanks this is awesome I will definitely use it 

  • -ChubbyNutz_- 5 years ago


  • LucasMcCraft 5 years ago

    Mineasaur please can I play sg with you

  • Everdeen_ PvP 5 years ago

    Hey!, I like your pack!, can I use the bow for my pack?, I will give you
    credit, obviously

  • TheHyperArrow 5 years ago

    Keep up the good work!

  • Moditzi LP 5 years ago


  • napolsvn 124 5 years ago

    trés bon pack (et oui je fait exprès de parler français (= )

  • KrazyGam3r94 5 years ago

    love this texture pack :)

  • EnderOreAwesomeness GamePlays and More 5 years ago

    make a game related texture pack

  • LucasMcCraft 5 years ago

    Please add me in skype my name is Luca.pritchard97 

  • FeedMeCookiez plays mc 5 years ago

    I <3 THIS PACK

  • Stalorn 5 years ago

    Mineasaur the diamond pickaxe, the diamond axe and maybe more have glitched
    edges, can you fix it? and even reply to this comment when you’re done so I
    can download it again?